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Model S colours

Hello Tesla Fans,
what are your favorite colours for the Model S?

My cars were always black but the Model S looks also really great in white.
Perhaps in some dark gray it would also look great!
I would like to see more Model S prototypes in different colours... ;-)

Florescent chartreuse!

Or maybe not ...

I think a dark green would be great, think of that shade of green used on the Jaguar XLR

I've seen white, gray (almost slate), and burgundy so far. Here are the pics for them:

Ferrari..ooops...Tesla Red.

A participant in the other (unofficial) Tesla forums has an avatar he created in Photoshop which is a Model S in the Roadster's orange.

At least at that very small size it looks incredibly good. Hard to know if it would look unwieldy at full size.

I do hope that Tesla offers at least a few exotic colors that you don't typically see in luxury sedans.

What about an all chrome car? It would be reminiscent of that Saudi Arabian prince who had the Audi TT made with solid silver body panels.

Can Eng

Dark Grey or Navy Blue Brushed Metal

@Can as it's not allowed in all coutnries i doubt that all chrome will be an option. before painting it yourself check with the local laws.

Candy apple red - not fire engine red.

How about a rich, moderately dark, but not too dark midnight blue?

some of the TVR colours would be nice

Maybe that prismatic paint that looks different colors viewed from different angles.

Pearl white...ah yes...

I'd vote for a lovely gold or a metallic burgundy. I've had Porsches in those colors. Understated but elegant.

My personal vote is to see the car in a nice Dark Blue. I might also consider Dark Green or a dark grey.

Gimme Ebony black or nothin' :P

British racing green with tan interior.

I was leaning towards the burgundy but I have to say the color changing effect would be neat.

any of the standard colors are fine, but they need to be done correctly, Jaguar's green, Ferrari's Red, BMW blue's ... they are the ones that stand out the best ...

Electric blue - or is that too obvious? ;-)

I'm leaning towards something remarkable, maybe dark orange, but worried about the resale value. What do people think - do buyers of secondhand sports cars (including tesla roadsters) prefer more muted colours?

brillant yellow, like my roadster

@AndrewM: I read a story online about an individual who had a red Honda CRV and posted it in a classified add. That individual had a few car dealers call her with a strong interest in purchasing the car off of her and started a bidding war for it simply because it was an in demand color. I think the answer therefore is yes! Although everyone has their taste in cars and colors, it doesn't hurt to get a color that would be more popular or in higher demand.

I will hold off and think long and hard about the color I would like my Model S to be once the official color schemes are released.

Brian8, can you put the link for that orange model s?

Metallic bluish/grey, same coler as my 65 GTO. Not sure of actual name of the color. What a car, what a color.

A Tesla Motors Club Forum member has made a site where you can dial in any color, hue, brightness, contrast. It is quite fun. You can see any color you can imagine.

@AndrewM / @BYT: Choose whatever color you prefer personally, but don't worry over the second hand price you may get in a few years from now. My personal expectation: You won't get any good price anyway, so why bother?

Realistically, there will be the folks that buy used cars because they want to get from A to B, and they will continue to buy traditional ICE cars for decades to come. That's simply because EV technology is new and unfamiliar and (most probably) wearing off more quickly than ICE technology. Have you ever bought a used phone and not bought a new battery at the same time? The motor may be great for decades and a million miles, but battery and electronics...?

And here is the second important argument: There will be the folks that are interested in new technology and that have no reservations against EVs. Will they buy your used Model S for a good price? Probably not, because by the time you want to sell it, EV technology will have considerably advanced and your 1st gen Model S will look antique compared to all the shiny new models with more innovations at a lower entry price. Look at the price decline for used smart phones or used laptop computers, if you don't believe me.

I may be wrong, but I don't speculate on selling my used Model S for any good price (collector's item may be the only exception).

You cannot compare phones or laptops to EV's. You can go out and buy one anytime you wish.

Not so with an EV. Simple supply and demand economics. I really doubt that you will be able to buy an EV with more innovation than the S for a long time.

I do hope they include some real colors and not just shades of grey (white, grey, silver, black). This car deserves to be seen. I think a deep forest green would be nice, or the bright burgundy of the prototype. I would even like to see some out there in lime green, bright royal blue, orange, bright red and my family says I should buy a yellow car.

Yeah maybe make mine yellow.

@Roblab, thanks for the link to the site. How about this color?

80 contrast
90 hue
120 threshold
2 brightness
40 saturation
90 alpha

It looks like a modification of deep forest green or British Racing Green. To me it looks like a blackish alien green. More vibrant than typical DFG or BRG.

Nice. Hope there's something like it in their color selections!

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