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Model S deliveries to start ahead of schedule in June

It also discusses a "slow, methodical ramp" in production in order to hit 5,000 deliveries by year end.

Thanks for the good news, even though we are #5970. But we are shareholders also.

Tesla needs to get the statements in The report says slow ramp up yet the rep ViewAskew spoke to said, "Once done (with Sigs) they're going to ramp up EXTREMELY quick"

I guess it won't be long before we find out.

Start slow and finish fast.

Must resist making off-color joke...

Elon said they'd be producing at greater than the projected annualized 20,000 rate by the end of 2012. Which means greater than ~1,700/mo. (though that's not necessarily for the whole of December, logically speaking).

@Brain H

I heard that response to the question re: hitting year end '12 goal, but I think it was a misstatement...analyst was asking about '12 and Elon answered for '13.

No, he said, "And our goal is to be at a run rate, an annualized run rate of greater than 20,000 you’d see at the end of the year." In response to ramping up question during this year. Obviously '12 is the ramp-up year, so that's what he's talking about.

Elon also said deliveries in June would be in the 10s, greater than one but less than 100.

I am Sig 29 and my paperwork quotes an August delivery for what its worth

I'm getting the impression the earliest delivery dates on the paperwork are August, which TM has done to make sure it doesn't "overpromise" anyone.

Possible email to Sig 29 around July 10: "Surprise! You know that car you were expecting in August? Well, it will arrive tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice!"

>8-0 !!

The early Special Signature orders have July 15 as the estimated delivery date. We are Special Signature #4 and that is our date. Greg posted in another thread that his estimated delivery date for Special Signature #32 was also July 15.

Ya, I know. I was just teasing Andrew. But I wouldn't be surprised if his D-date moved into July ...

Isn't there something like 100 SS before regular S? That would make June and July entirely those and then at August normal signatures. Maybe there is a very special founders (or something like that) series even before those.

Just curious what defines a Special Signature car?

SSL vs. Sig - Roadster owner/friends/family. Something like that.

I loosely recall something about the "early" SSL folk getting a $10K discount as well, but I think that expired at some point.

Yes, SSL was people who owned a roadster when they signed up for Signature. The 10k discount lasted a couple of months after the launch, and applies if you still have a roadster when the Model S is delivered. At least, that's my understanding.

Or family and friends. Kwik launch promotion! :)

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