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Model S failure on 5th day of ownership

So, I've had my P85+ for only 5 days. Today I was driving on the freeway, and suddenly my dashboard reported "Car Needs Service. Pull Over Safely." Accelerator no longer would respond but my brakes and steering worked so I was able to coast off the exit of the freeway, and luckily I didn't get into an accident. Called Tesla and they sent a tow truck. A few hours later they called me and said they need to replace the drive inverter and will have the car ready tomorrow. Anything like this happen to anyone else?

Sorry that you have had troubles with your car, at least it should be under warranty. Many others have had similar problems. I find it ironic that many Tesla fan boys attack GM for ignition failures that has left customers stranded alongside the road, yet Tesla often has had battery, inverter and drive failures that often leave Teslas dangerously stranded in heavy traffic.

Teslas seem to be worse at leaving you stranded in the middle of traffic. Most ice vehicles can be pushed off the road if they quit, and parking lights and emergency flashers usually keep working. Teslas often suddenly die, often will not release their parking brakes, often emergency flashers and parking lights will fail leaving Teslas suddenly stranded in heavy traffic dangerously in the dark with no lights.

Tesla is usually pretty good at making good on its warranties.

Tesla fan boys attack GM for ignition failures that has left customers stranded alongside the road,

Stranded? Try dead!!

@ JT
Tesla hasn't been manufacturing vehicles for very long and has manufactured relatively few vehicles. Given time the statistics will catch up to Tesla. Tesla's designs will kill people.

@JT. Your a moron

I believe you meant to write "you're a moron." It's the apostrophe of education.

Your right ! I only have a 3rd grade education, and the most I ever made at work was $17 an hour, but I paid cash for my P85 and Tesla is way beyond your simple mind

I smell shorts burning... It will be a very interesting day.

I have the most interesting fan base of anyone around here!

I think we will see more of this will all cars as even ICE vehicles become more advanced electronically.

Computers/electronics fail - both early on as they first become used (which is why they have a "burn-in" period), and like anything else as they age.

With 1-year and 25,000 or so vehicles, Tesla is still learning. With each failure they will learn, and nobody knows what type of failures may become prevalent as the vehicles age.

The same is true when vehicle manufacturers introduce new models, new features, or even redesign old models - particularly if there is any degree of innovation involved.

People spending $100,000 on a car generally understand this.

I have seen at least a handful of posts about the inverter being replaced. My guess is Tesla is looking at the component, and ways to "harden" it - perhaps they are driving it too close to the rated capacity, and they need to put in a unit with more capacity. Or perhaps it is the cooling system, or any number of issues.

On the positive side, Tesla seems to be able to replace just about any component in a day, including getting the part.

By the way - you do know the car does not have a spare tire, right?

I believe you meant "You're right!" It's the apostrophe of education.

Impressive that you can pay cash for a Tesla on <= $34,000/year. Unless you have a sugar daddy. Which would be even more cool, I always wanted one of those.

I ,am 70 years old, always saved my penny's , starting playing the Stock Mkt. In the 90's. It has been very nice to me! And I should learn to keep my mouth closed when I get pissed off! The only suger daddy I have had was that candy on a stick when I was a kid

If these instances were "often" - we'd see many, many, many more posts on the forums about major failures.

A few (and likely very small number of) owners who've reported this type of problem - and Tesla has consistently handled the circumstances well - quickly replacing the components.

@kawdennis - You may have mistaken @JT for @conroy.

The true moron is @smith001 who is now @conroy. Their posts are similar, straight down to calling owners trolls while pretending his isn't one.

Conroy, where do you get your information from, Fox news. 13 people died as a result of the ignition problem in the GM products and they knew about it over 10 years ago. GM also had to recall over 300,000 Seirra trucks for a software issue that did cause fires in the engine comparment. Go ahead and push your Seirra off the road while it's on fire.

You put up the link to Edmunds. I nor anyone will dispute the issue Edmunds had, but it has to be kept in context. The car Edmunds has is one of the early production cars. So you can't say/imply that car represents the MSes that are coming off the line now. That would be like say Chevys only get 10 mpg, because that is what they got back in 1975.

Alex, sorry for your troubles. From what I can tell from talking to other owners, your experience is not typical.

Conroy, you used the word "often" 5 times and not once did you use it correctly. Often is used to describe something that happens frequently.

24k miles and never stranded.

isn't there an NNT accent in the way Conroy writes? I'm not usually a troll hunter but do miss execution by flagging...


It's 'saved my pennies', not penny's. Willy nilly usage of the apostrophe might be one reason why you can't find a higher hourly rate.

Your right Mathew98, sorry @JT

@Captain_Zap +1 Especially on the option expire day. We have already found a dozen missing Malaysia Airline plane if you believe everything you see on the internet. The first time posting op could make him more creditable by posting the question on the private forum but these people never do. They never even come back again to the forum (with the same name).

@kawdennis No worries. If it wasn't for the apostrophe I would have given you a +1.

@ carlk

I think it is pretty bad too attack a Tesla owner for publicly posting their problems. Regretfully hateful attacks like that are status quo on this forum. Regretfully so many fan boys/gals are more interested in making personal attacks and covering up problems, then trying to solve problems.

@ bp

The fact is things like this do happen often. I even sourced links for examples. Just on that one thread I linked several Tesla owners reported having similar problems.

Most people don't post their problems on a public forum, it's obvious why, because there are so many uncivilized people on the Tesla forum that make uncivilized attacks and try to bully people into hiding the problems from the public.

Just did a search of the forum for other posts, amazingly the first post by alexpoon is that his new car died. I myself just got a P+ and I think I posted 5-10 times before ordering asking questions.

Part of the reason that I think it may be a wise to invest in an expensive 12 v battery, is so that Tesla owners and passengers are less likely to be stranded in dangerous traffic without lights.

Being stuck in the middle of traffic with my family after dark, with no lights and having a tow truck operator DRAG my Tesla was locked up brakes on to a tow truck, is an experience I would prefer not to have myself.

I have never heard of a Tesla just up and locking it's brakes. Also, please keep in mind that alot of people come on this forum to try and spread negative news and quite often unfounded, just to cause panic. These people are often called trolls and yes, they tend to get pounced on.

I think if one doesn't want to be perceived as a non-owner troll and to have their comments/problems some validity, it would be best to state that one is in fact an owner and list the last 5 of their vin#.

For myself, I don't have my car yet (next Sat.!!!!), so I can't/won't speak about any actual ownership/service issues.

@conroy is a troll and does not have a Tesla. This troll will compile and regurgitate other's complains into one incoherent post.

Keep flagging away. The Drive inverter is under a lot of stress. One thing here on the forum none of us have the inverter design specs, nor the individual component specs or the failure analysis specs among other things to make a good guess on most of the failures that take place. I would assume that inverter failure from heat is not a big issue or we would see more. If the Mean Time between failure were found out to be lower than calculated, then that would be looked at but we're not there yet time wise. You go a failure 5 days into using the car. So it could be a latent defect caused by electro static discharge that occurred during assembly or from the manufacture of one of the components. It could be an assembly error with a high resistance connection that overheated then failed. It's all a guess.
Sure would be nice to see the failure reports to see what's going on.

@ jordanrichard

If the 12 V battery dies you can't disengage the parking brake and the car can't be set into tow mode. Therefore the car can't be pushed or coasted to safety and it's much more difficult and risky to tow.

Often when a drive unit, inverter, converter or main battery pack fails often the 12 volt accessory battery dies shortly thereafter.

It happens quite often and is documented in the links that I posted.

I suspect getting a more powerful 12 V lithium battery that is better at deep cycles might help keep from having 12 V failures that you lose the ability to use emergency flashers and disengage the parking brake.

Can someone send Conroy a 12v battery? Maybe then he will disappear.

@Conroy Attack op? No I can't. Don't you know like you he's hiding behind the keyboard that I could not possibly get? You are safe. Have fun type away.

Questions like this that is addressed to owners the treatment would have been very different if it's posted on the private forum. It's pretty obvious what is the reason op chose not to do so. And I bet you my left tires op will not come back to give us more info about his car and details of the incident.

@PD "isn't there an NNT accent in the way Conroy writes"

The same stress perhaps, though NNT wasn't nearly as good of a troll is Conroy, IMO. ;-)

Flagging him and moving on.

Sorry to the OP - 5 days in sux, but glad service is fixing you up.

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