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Model S Sport edition

I'm leaning toward getting the Sport Edition of the Model S. Has anyone seen one? Does anyone have a picture they can post?

Do you mean the Performance? Looks exactly the same, just a larger scrotum under the trunk is all!

Well, not true, a few other features as well, interior, exterior like carbon fiber options, but otherwise it's the same car. Instead of 0-60 in 5.x seconds it will be 4.4

There's a bit more than that, BYT.

As evidenced by people wishing the could get some of the other Perf benefits without getting a Perf.

Yes, I mean the Performance version. I'm wondering what the carbon fiber accents on the outside look like in person as opposed to an artists rendering. Do any of the current betas on display have the performance barging?

There's a teeny-tiny spoiler on the back edge of the rear hatch with some carbon fiber on it. There may have been some carbon fiber on the nose as well. (I can't remember if I saw that on the model S or X.)

I saw the carbon fiber accents on the spoiler, directly behind the front logo on the nose of the Model S and I believe a few other spots as well. In general however I wanted to make a point that the Model S looks for the most part the same be it the $50k version on up to the Performance versions for the exceptions of everything indicated above in regards to carbon fiber accents inside and out on the Performance, the color tubing on the standard leather on the Performance and the more powerful powertrain of course. I did completely forget about the spoiler, thanks for that reminder Schlermie!

The signatures have additional things to them but are still not all known yet, I hear there are more surprises still around those and even the production Model S still may have a few things up it's sleeve to be discovered later.

The peformance S also is noticeably lower, and comes with special high-peformance wheels and tires (which are wider than the other versions, for better traction). Chances are the peformance 21" wheels could be made a lighter alloy, to compensate for better traction at higher speeds.

I also suspect there are a few hidden features that are designed for a more 'spirited' driver, however, I don't know for sure.

Thus, I do believe there are more differences than just a faster motor, bigger wheels, lower suspension, and carbon-fiber accents.

For anyone who saw the Shasta pearl performance edition at the Fashion Island event, I'd be interested in hearing impressions of the grey performance rims. Do they just look dirty? Or cool? It's hard to tell from the pictures

Hi Peter,

my wife and I like the grey performance rims. One could argue they do look kind of dirty, but if you are opting for a performance car, I think it would be a nice addition to the look. The pictures on the forums tend to make the rims look darker than they are in real life. The white body color on the car tends to cause cameras to under expose the picture which makes the rims look darker.

IMHO, I didn't like the look of the dark peformance wheels with the pearl car, however, on either a black or blue car, they will look amazing!

For what it is worth, I liked the grey wheels just fine... especially on the white "S". The cf spoiler on the rear deck did nothing for me.

Well, you have the option to skip the grey Performance rims and go with the brighter ones, only difference of the two is the color!

Thanks to all! Now, if only the brake shoes could be tesla red! That would look great IMO. DID ANYONE TAKE ANY PICTURES OF THE PERFORMANCE BETA's interior?

On another note... I didn't really care for the matte-finish carbon-fiber interior in the performance S. I really love the look of carbon-fiber, however, with a matte-finish; it looks too much like a photograph of carbon-fiber (almost no dimension), over that of gloss-finish carbon-fiber (I wish there was a choice).

Now I am starting to lean more toward the 'piano-black' interior. When the computer screens are off, the piano-black looks almost seamless to the screens, and has a much cleaner look overall with the dash. Also, being none of the areas have buttons where the interior accents are located, fingerprints won't be an issue.

In reference to my carbon-fiber issue above, below are links to examples of what 'matte' verses 'gloss' carbon-fiber looks like...

Hey Guys,
I am needing to make a decision very soon before I lose my place in line. I want the black on black performance. Seeing the cars again at Fashion Island made my decision so much harder. I am a black car person. But wow the pearl was amazing with the performance rims. I make decisions easy in life but wow I find this hard. Anyone have any thoughts on black on black performance? I’m not a carbon fiber person but may consider it. I like the piano black or the lacewood (however the sunlight on the lacewood changes the color significantly). I set the above hi res pic of the pearl for my desktop background. Anyone get a hi-res pic of the black? Suggestions/ comments would be appreciated.


Brant (or anyone else), do you have any more photos of the Performance Model S? I'm wanting to see more angles of the CF spoiler and how it looks... After seeing this photo, Brant, I'm now tempted with the Signature Performance over the Signature... I should be getting my email soon for configuration, but can't get to California anytime soon to see them***

*** unless the event that is rumoring in June will allow us to drive them... California here I come... :-) -- another CF photo. The person who posted it says it looks more matte than the glossier version on the Roadsters. Makes my decision on which trim to get that much harder as well.

I'm very curious about the lacewood and what it looks like in person. The piano black appears to be the safe choice with black interior.

For black version, here's a shaky-cam of it.

For the white one, to get a better view of the rear spoiler, try this video:

For Perf version of the Signature (only folks that might lose place in line at this point) I think the Red with black interior is best... that is what I plan to get, but without the CF spoiler and using the shiny wheels instead. BUT I'd definitely go with white over the black if those were the two choices. And probably with the black rims on the white as well.

Is is at Santana Row now. Just saw it today. no new photos, sorry. I bet if you called them they would take pictures and e-mail then to you. I thought the spoiler looked nice. I was told, unlike the current car, the final version would have CF on the nose in the area behind the tesla logo.

@Peter Spirgel

Somebody did take many pictures of the white Perf interior. The link is also from the forums here:

I took some pics today at Santana Row (was not prepared for a new car so did not spend too much time there or bring my SLR).
They are at :

The carbon fibre in the pic linked above does not do the matte CF justice. I hated the CF before today, and now I want to come up with the extra $ for performance just because it looks so nice inside with the tan leather.

Also from David's other gallery of Model S photos:

Now that I've seen that, I think I understand the issue with the Lacewood trim -- it is stained to match the interior. There are 3 different shadings in that photo to match the different interior colors.

Dagnabit that makes the trim decisions even harder! :-)

Yes, that second gallery (100059) has some excellent shots, with the best lighting/colour balances I've seen. Especially from #1164 ff, they show the trim and interiors to great advantage.

Well done!

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