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Model S weekend at Tesla Fashion Island

Jus received an email about the 4 signature colors being on display on May 4,5, and 6. And a model x to be on display.

Me too. I couldn't make the event up at Santana Row, so I'm glad we'll be able check them out. I'm really curious about the door handles, and wonder if they will be operational at the event (I know the handles are more of a cool gimmick than anything, but I do want to see how they operate). The X will be cool to see in person as well.

I wonder where they will have the four cars? There is a parking garage near a good walk away from the store. Or maybe find a place outside the store, but there isn't much room around there between the stores.

I was thinking, "What the heck is the Tesla Fashion Island?!" lol. I didn't know Fashion Island was a place, but dang, you guys have a nice big store: It looks nice.

You can only fit one Model S in my local store: (Right now, there's a Model S and the Model S platform, no Roadster). Because the Model S is bigger than the Roadster, and they want to have room around the car, I don't know if two Model S's would fit comfortably in there. It doesn't seem like it will be ideal when they have both the S and X to sell.

Yes it is a pretty nice store. They normally have had a roadster, model s frame on wheels and a model s sitting in the store. Not sure where they are going to put the 4 betas. There is some room in the walkway next to the store. I'm gonna have to visit right when they open on Sunday morning because I will be out on a trip til late Saturday night and then flying back out Sunday afternoon.

It's an interesting location for Tesla, because Fashion Island gets an on-flux of VERY wealthy Newport Beach elite (or as we like to call them... New Porsche Beach elite... lol!)

Every time I go there, I love listening to the conversations of people who walk in to this store. Few of these 'locals' even blink at the price of the fully loaded performance Model S, but rather are more scrutinistic of the quality, and 'lack' of things they are use to having with their $100,000.00K + BMW's, Benzes, Bentlies, exotics etc.

The parking lot at Fashion Island, alone, is an exotic enthusiast showroom. If you ever want to go someplace that is completely out of touch with the rest of the nation, it's the perfect place to understand how the .00001% ticks. ;-)

Will it be the same Betas that were at the Santana Row store? We are planning on going, but have not decided when.

"scrutinistic"? It will be long and long before I forgive you for exposing me to that malformed neologism! >:-p

"New Porsche Beach"... yes, I was driving up that way a few months ago and was literally surrounded... one in front, one each side, and one behind. The one in front was a rolling roadblock. Sigh.

Brian, Most of the English language is just a bastard of Latin, thus I always say, if you can't beat um, might as well, join um... Merriam-Webster look out! ;-)

Has anyone been to the store yet this weekend? Just wondering where the cars are parked, etc... just waiting to fly home tonight and hit the store tomorrow morning before another trip.

Based on photos from the TMC forum, all four cars are parked right outside the store. Model X appears to be inside the store. Now that's convenience.

All four Model S's are parked in front of the store and they have a Model X inside, too. I sat in all four to test head room and leg room. The models without the sunroof have a bit more head room for the driver so I'm going that route. They have a white Performance S that looked amazing. If I had the money, I'd upgrade to that. By the way, I'm 6'3" and when I put the driver's seat all the way back, it was a bit too much leg room for me. There are very few cars for which I do not put the seat all the way bank and the Model S is going to be one of them. I was there Saturday afternoon and the place was mobbed. I hope Tesla sells a ton of cars.

Was at the Fashion Island event this weekend. Four Model S Signature models on display. Two had pano roofs that were in direct sunlight all day. Interiors stayed cool to touch. I have no reservations about getting the pano roof as an option now.

Thanks all. Look forward to seeing them tomorrow morning. Any new announcements made there? Or just the cars on display?

Any more personal experience about rear seat headroom with and without panoramic roof would be greatly appreciated. I'm particularly interested in the sides and rear areas around where the pano roof is or would be on the cars with regular roofs. Thanks!

I was at Fashion Island this weekend. I specifically sat in the back to test legroom, headroom etc. I'm 6'2" and I felt quite comfortable. This is with the Pano roof.

I too was a bit skeptical about the pano roof, but now I'm adding it to my config.

I also decided that I'm going with the 21" performance tires. The 19" just don't compare on looks.

Compliments to Tesla on the quality and knowledge of your staff. Everyone I spoke with was well informed, enthusiastic, and great "brand ambassadors". I'm definitely looking forward to the "config call".


I second the "Complements to Tesla" statement. They really do a great job making sure everyone feels welcome. They are also very welcoming to families. Awesome event Tesla - many thanks for putting this on for us down here in Southern California this weekend.

pics @

I agree with the compliments to the Tesla staff. Everyome was more than willing to discuss what they know with you.
After talking about the performance car with them this morning, now I am not sure if I go for the basic 300 or the performance. Most options on the performance we had planned on getting anyways.
The designer from tesla there today said they just painted a blue one and it is gorgeous. With a slightly different blue from the sample. I believe she said you will see more darks and lights looking at it from different angles, than what yo see on the samples. Also nt sure how the grey performance wheels will look on the blue. Might be better looking with the standard turbine wheels.

I agree that the staff was friendly, but when you touched something they really didn't want you to touch, they were quick to stop you. I wanted to see what the cover in the rear of the white car looked like and someone was right there to stop me from trying to open the trunk. My son who is 6-2 sat in the rear of a non-pano roof and his hair touched the headliner. In the one with a pano roof he had no problem.

Overall, the latest beta S's are starting to take shape. There was a HUGE crowd there today, and it was interesting seeing the excitement from new bees who have never seen the car before!

The sig performance there was getting some serious attention, and being this was the first time I have seen a performance model up close, the dark 21" peformance wheels, carbon-fiber tail / scoop, and extra lower ride height, it stood out from the pack by an edge.

Overall the driver-screen software is starting to take shape, and I really was impressed with the steering wheel functionality. Even the door handles where impressive. There were a few upgrades to the 17" center touch-screen software, but not as much as I had hoped to see.

The seats fealt more confortable than the old betas, and playing around with the controles gave me a lot of confidence that I could be confortable on my 120 mile a day commute.

I am still on the fence about the pano roof, however, outdoors, the car feels a lot less cloister phobic with the pano roof.

Did anyone check the vin numbers on these cars? Were they really newer betas?

Had the same experience as pmeyer1106 when I tried to open and close the trunk on the white Performance car today. One of the female Tesla staff was a bit testy and told me the trunk was not meant to be opened. Rest of the staff was quite welcoming and pleasant with everything else.

I sat in the rear of the white car (no pano) and felt there was very little headroom and I'm 5'8".

h8young, Did you also sit in the rear of the cars with the pano roof? What did you think about the headroom in those compared to the white one without the pano roof?

I am still extremely skeptic with any reports on rear headroom. For all we know, Tesla has not yet finished design and placement of the rear bench. A few millimeters in positioning, up/down as well as front/back or tilt, make a huge difference in head room, leg room, seating comfort. This is no doubt a delicate topic, it's one of the few areas where the Model S has to compromise comfort/luxury for aerodynamics. Tesla is aware of it and I assume they are still tweaking.

Moreover, according to the Options page, the final pano roof shall come with manual sun shades of some sort. We haven't seen those yet, and they may well turn around the head room competition in favor of the solid roof. Or they may be off the table again after all those positive comments from the Fashion Island display, on how the interior of the pano roof equipped vehicles stayed surprisingly cool despite being placed in full sun all day. We will only know for sure when the first cars are delivered. Hold your breath! ;-)

I honestly don't want to start a center console (CC) debate all over again (enough has already been said) but did anyone ask the TM reps at Fashion Island (or other stores where "new" betas are being shown) about any progress on an add-on CC? Just curious.


Everyone there was saying the center console will likely be an aftermarket addition.

I did grill a few of the reps about it, and gave them examples like... Where am I going to put my iPod when I leave my car, being the connection is in the center- 'console-less' area"... and one rep said... "You could put it in the glovebox or the frunk, when you leave the car"...I said, seriously, you want me to unhook my iPod EVERY time I exit the car? Note| Right now it sits safely out of sight in my current car's center console, and almost never gets unplugged.

I got the feeling the CC question was a VERY sore-spot question for these reps, as I noted a great deal of agitation in their voices when the subject came up (I felt bad for them, so I didn't push it).

Oh, BTW... I too opened the hatchback on the white peformance beta there. The rep didn't get upset, but he came around to talk to me fairly quick. I didn't see what was the bid deal, and all I could think was maybe the shelf-cover thing was just a temp, and they didn't want anyone messing with it, or trying to figure it out.

We did get into a descussion about getting a flat in the peformance S, and how to handle that. He made it fairly clear owners should have some type of road-side service. I have AAA, so not a big deal, however, my experence with getting a flat on low-profile 21" wheel while on the freeway usually is a SOL situation (meaning the tire gets trashed beyond repair, and the car will need to be towed).

@TikiMan: Thx for the info. I'm still hopeful TM will have an add-on CC offering by August/September. I wonder why the TM reps were "agitated" by the subject -- it's certainly a reasonable one :)

I received my MakerBot last week and have been making a few items. If a new CC doesn't materialize, I plan on making something just large enough to fit the small items I also would like hidden.

Sorry it's a little off topic but I am loving my new toy... :)

Gjunky. I believe one of the reps said the white one was right off of factory line. I believe #57 or something like that?

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