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Model S?

So I am planning to reserve one with 60KWh battery, and I also got my wife's approval finally. For some reasons, I have to wait for one month though. During this waiting time, I come to this forum daily, read lots of posts, lots of the owners are happy and also some issues posted. Then I found myself struggling on the decision - to buy it or another BMW?

May I ask you some questions?
- What is your top reason of loving/buying your Model S?
- If 10 is the top score, how much will you rate your experience?
- What is your most dislike of your Model S?
- I may need go to Vancouver BC from Seattle sometimes, anyone travels this route using the Model S before? I am a little bit concerning about the charging in Vancouver BC (only been there twice) - I know there should be no range issues in one way.

Mortalian - you won't regret the 85 decision - range goes down quickly when you are having so much fun driving, you look for places to go. My wife and I now go out on drives just to drive - let's go somewhere we say - and when you punch it a lot, that eats up range too, but it is so much fun. I said that already didn't I.

It really isn't a 10.0 - it's and 11.0 or 20.0 because it has a scale all of it's own, there is no comparison on the road today!

Get the performance package and every other option if you can afford it - they are all worth it IMHO. I got everything and don't regret any of them. And with the great low interest financing it's actually less per month than my previous car that was $70K.

Mortalian- Buy a 85Kwh and never look back. I drove our Model S over 500 miles last weekend. This car just floats down the highway like a dream. I rate the Tesla Model S a 10++++++

Here representing the 60's! Better mpge and just a hair slower 0-60 - you won't even notice! Save the $10K and take the wife on a GREAT vacation somewhere to celebrate while you wait! The kids can take care of themselves.....

Be prepared to be an addict. I've posted before that I have found crack cocaine in the AC system placed there by the Tesla Team. How else do you explain all these previous posts about how much the current addicts can't get enough? A bunch of aluminum, lithium batteries, & leather sitting on four round rubber things alone cannot possibly create the emotion related in this thread. It HAS to be crack! I've had my Sig 85 since mid-November after waiting over 3 yrs for it and I'm still high when I drive it and looking for reasons to drive it when I have no reason to drive it. Clearly, addicted! My name is Chris and I admit that I have a Tesla problem..........and shamelessly proud to have it! Be enlightened; tune in, turn on, drop out (of the ICE world).


You can recharge the same day at the Bellevue square, Tesla dealership for free or in Seattle at the tesla shop also for free.

You can use their highpower charger which will take about 3 hrs to give you enough energy to return home.

My wife and I love to shop at Bellevue and have been using the highpower charger at the Tesla parking lot a few times.

They are extremely friendly, just go to the Tesla store on the second floor to inform them that you have connected on their charger.

We have also traveled to Victoria and recharged at the Fairmont for free but it is slower...

Good decision on buying the 85 Kw

Enjoy your Tesla it is an amazing car!!

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