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My goodbye's

My Model S delivery is in about a week. Just wanted to say my goodbyes ( please free to add yours ):

Goodbye gasoline
Goodbye gas stations
Goodbye traffic
Goodbye paid parking
Goodbye oil changes
Goodbye tune-ups
Goodbye oil leaks
Goodbye engine noise
Goodbye exhaust pipes
Goodbye smell of burnt oil

Goodbye spending time reading all these forum threads.

What, you won't log on from your car to be helpful and gloat? ;(

Goodby traffic? Does your model fly?

He might be referring to the EV-accessible HOV lane that unfortunately doesn't exist in MA.

The traffic comment is about the HOV sticker in CA that allows you to drive by yourself in a carpool lane for at least the next 2 years

We should start a new thread: "current owners thoughts and cogitation"
I too thought I may stop reading these And writing but this is really sort of mandatory in m perception.

and hello $400 electricity bills...
this is the only downside I can think of, frankly.
that, and the waiting time to get your HOV stickers (about 2 months).

Just got my HOV stickers, eight weeks after delivery and about 5 weeks after my license plates (which is when Tesla submits your form and $8 check.)

Haven't been on a freeway yet.

Ok, please explain good bye paid parking. We could use that in Chicago!

Goodbye fumes
Goodbye CO2
Goodbye ICE

@sergiyz: my electric bill will be about $60. How in the world will you ever get to $400???

@GoTeslaChicago: EV vehicles park for free in San Jose, CA ( city owned properties and garages )

Goodbye "i'll go warm the car up"

How has this one been missed:

Goodbye car dealers and salesmen.

No $400 electric bills if you put up solar and drive on sunlight. Then you can also say goodbye to all emissions.


SInce with an EV the rate I pay for electricity at night will be half what I pay now and I use electricity to heat the house (geothermal), I actually expect my electricity bills to go down or negative as I'll still get the big bucks for electricity generated by our solar panels during the day.

Goodbye auto gas pump shutoff
Goodbye crappy Shell gift cards (school scrip program)
Goodbye standing in the cold listening to some TV they set up at the pump to further annoy you

working on solar, just takes forever, everybody is backlogged for several months...

Goodbye to driving into gas station to discover gas pumps are all out of service!
Goodbye to long Costco lines

Goodbye to drive thru car washes :-(?? - no flaming please. I did enjoy the occasional convenience of the quick drive thru car washes :-{

Goodbye to: "Please Pay inside" paper taped to the pump because their pump credit card system is down.


I visited a gas station for the last time yesterday. I squeegeed my windows and sunroof and thought about how I'll need to buy myself a squeegee and glass cleaner.

Say goodbye to your marriage, as your spouse divorces you for cheating with your new love.

Goodbye to gas lines when "more" natural disasters occur.
Hello to - I need to go buy a generator

During the aftermath of hurricane sandy, I hand plenty of opportunity to charge. There was a one MW generator at the office and plenty of charging stations on Manhattan island. I was dreading having to wait on a gas line. It is a good thing all three of my cars were full and by the time I got to the last car Nj had implemented even and odd number days so my wait was only 20 minutes.

I drove by an auto emissions testing place today....

Endless shifting gears in LA traffic.

@EcLectric - +1 on the annoying TVs at the pumps!

Goobye to petroleum fuels - I'm not buying them any longer.

So long to smelly gasoline hands
So long to worrying about gas prices

So long to Tesla envy

Good bye to multi-colored fluid stains on the garage floor.

Goodbye $100k. Lol.

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