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New firmware and regen

Had hi intensity headlights installed last Feb (they work great). Installation required new firmware. Mechanics told me the only change in the firmware was to support the headlights. Maybe it's my imagination, but I could swear that the regen braking is now much less aggressive and I am using more mechanical braking. Anyone else have the new firmware?

I do, and I can't say I have noticed a difference.


I had the lights installed in March and also could not tell any difference

Bob L;
I have the explification. Since you can see farther, you start to react sooner, hence giving the regen more time to slow you down. It's thus the driver which has become less aggressive, not the system.

Using more mechanical braking suggests other way around. Driver slows down later, or regen is really less aggressive. Or it is just imagination like he says (human brain can fool the consciousness quite effectively sometimes by playing vivid false memories and other strange stuff).

Ya. Since others don't experience the same, it might be a glitch in his car. Prob'ly should be looked at/measured.

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