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No Tesla rep for delivery?

I was told that I will not be getting a Tesla rep at the delivery when my car is delivered in the next 3 days. Did they stop doing that for everybody?? Kinna disappointed.

My understanding is that Production has ramped up faster than their number of trained delivery specialists, so it's now a hit or miss proposition. If they have 8 cars to deliver in a given day and a DS can only do 3 deliveries (just a number I made up), then 3 will get the Delivery Experience and 5 will miss out. I would like to get the Experience, but if it means waiting longer for my car, then I can do without. Pretty sure that everything in the Delivery experience is stuff that would have been figured out in the first couple days of playing anyway.

I did not have a personal delivery either but had to pick up my car at the DC store. Was told TM did not have a Maryland dealer license yet which would prohibit them from personal deliveries.

^ I was told the same thing. However, since I want the car sooner than later, I was told I can schedule a Delivery Specialist later in January, even February. I actually prefer a later DS meeting, as I will have time to play with the car and figure things out on my own. Then when the DS comes, I will be able to have more focused questions about items I couldn't solve on my own or through reading this forum. Plus, the DS could fix the things I probably will break/de-program in the interim :)~

yes, and hopefully make a start on deprogramming some of the bad habits you've taught yourself!! And maybe show you how to achieve in 1 or 2 steps what you figgered out how to do in 10.


I did not get a DS in Charlotte. I think it's really just a matter of how close you are to a store. My car was delivered by a car transporter that had dropped off cars in TN and GA. I did have an orientation call with someone from Tesla that was helpful in explaining some of the less intuitive features. I was bummed not to have a DS, but it worked out fine.

Does anybody know what is delivery or production rate at the moment? Is it already 400 cars a week?

If it has to do with proximity, I would hope that they'd realize those of us farther away would need the delivery specialist all the's not like we can just drop in to the store when it's a few hundred miles away!

@Jolinar, it is believed to actually be 400 or perhaps even greater at the moment. It is believed they will get to VIN number 3000 or higher by tomorrow!

My car, VIN 3,092 was completed a few days ago. Saw VINs as high as 3,670 finishing assembly on Thursday.

adstein - interesting data point as I saw VINs in the 322x range at body assembly on Sunday 12-23. This might imply 400+ or thereabout.

In another thread, Vin 3235 reported loading on truck Monday the 31st.


Did they deliver your car to your house? Or did you have to goto TN?

I'm in Raleigh, and I suspect I'll be getting similar treatment.

I guess the whole great experience thing has just been brushed aside.

@Chris DC - interesting, I was never given that explanation. I was just told that things were too busy/ramped up so they would temp register the car in California and ship direct to me, but that I'd pay MD tax as a MD sale (thus getting the MD tax credit). Surprising that they don't have a MD license yet...I mean the Rockville and Rockwell locations will be service centers, but still, they should get a MD license!

That's the first I've heard of MD issues. I know they cannot do a personal delivery in TX, GA, AZ, and possibly MA as well. Those states all have laws forbiding direct interaction with customers if you don't have a dealers license (which Tesla doesn't have in any state except possibly CA).

Yeah, I'd never heard MD as one of those states...but if Chris heard they didn't have a license in MD yet, then it sounds like a temporary thing.

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