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Oct1Event–The Formal Tesla Presentation

This Oct1Event thread focuses on the The Formal Tesla Presentation related to the October 1-2 Model S event. Here are a few examples of relevant areas of discussion for this thread:

  • New Information released for the first time
  • Any ‘hints’ you took away from the presentation
  • Commitments made by Tesla for the first time
  • Dates, costs, or other info released for the first time
  • General Impressions about the presentation

Note that other Oct1Event threads address general impressions, the test drive, and the Model S Interior and Exterior. If you have comments on those topics, please post them in the appropriate Oct1Event thread. If you’ve created your own thread or site or blog or on-line photo album, please provide a link.

All of us who couldn’t attend thank you for filling us in!

Video of the beginning of the presentation. Elon Musk demonstrating the Model S' unrivaled cargo space. Including the infamous +2 jump seats in action (unfortunately, you cannot see them in the video, only the occupants):

Cute! But that 8th passenger didn't have much of a view ...

"Cut it out in the back or one of you is going into time-out and I mean it!"

I think it's worth noting that Elon is adorable and I just wanted to hug him up there. :P

Time-out in the trunk? Don't let Child Services track you down! ;-p

Did he drop any clues about the new Toyota initiatives? I'd thought something along those lines was in the works.

Elon didn't. During the tours though our guide just mentioned several of the machines came from Toyota. That's all I remember, at least. There were lots of drinks there... :P

MADD's gonna getcha fer that ...


An alkie driving an S! Who will be safe??

Correction: RIDING an S! That makes it OK, right?

Yeah, I was just projecting your future as a freeway menace... ;)

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