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parking sensor retrofit not ready yet but...

I got an email from ownership experience that says they are trying to assess customer interest in this. So if you are interested let them know. Evidently they are keeping track of who responds.

Updated 10/28

If all you read is this, then know that TMC has decided not to offer this as an upgrade/retrofit. They say the cost is about $6K. I have heard all sorts of reasons for this from you have to replace the bumper to you have to replace the system console computer. Not sure what to believe except that they are not going to offer it.

Cameras on front and sides please!
Gorilla glass for the front lens?

We are interested if the cost isn' t sky high, and we are already on 'the list'. Hope we get imfo soon.

I would be interested in the retrofit as well.

I will get the parking sensors if the price isn't outrages. I called the service center. They thought the retrofit was coming. They just didn't know when.

I was really mad about missing out on the parking sensor option by a month (I ordered my model S on the 4th of July).

... but guess what, now that I got the dimension of the car, I don't really miss it. The rear camera works well, and since I have non-air suspension (so, my car sits little high), I NEVER hit or scrape the parking bumps.

A local shop (Al & Ed's) installs a 3rd party sensors for $800 each (front and/or back), but I decided to pass it up after all.

The website claims that Tesla Service includes "necessary hardware upgrades".

The parking sensors would probably not be considered as "necessary".

Though they could offer a discount to owners who've made the commitment on 4 year or 8 year service plans.

A hardware upgrade is making existing hardware better, not adding hardware where hardware hadn't been; that would be a car upgrade. There had been a problem with rear windows falling down. They upgraded the hardware to fix that problem. It was necessary.

Those who committed to the 4 year and 8 year plan already got a discount. Some cars do have headlight washer/wiper. I guess they could do the some for the front camera. Or it will just give you incentive to wash your car more often.

I would consider it for $500. Aftermarket solutions are $50 -$100 plus perhaps the same amount for install labor.

Only advantage of getting it from tesla and paying the premium is to get the integration into the car screens whis is a nice plus but no way worth $1000.

I would gladly pay $1000 - $2000 for integration of with break integration and adaptive cruse controle.

@ murraypetera - $500 is pretty much out of the question, as that what it costs to build at the factory. To retrofit the cost would be multiples of that because new bumpers need to be ordered and shipped from Fremont. Just the bumpers will cost more than $500, plus the sensors, plus the shipping, installation and labor, etc. I'd be shocked if these things cost less than $3,000.

Surely the lower part of the nose cone would suffice for either beepers or camera.

Being able to buy an augmented nose cone ought to be possible; it's just installing it that would take some time. Looks possible to fish-tape some of the wiring harnesses.

Yes I would retrofit if the price is reasonable. Also guidance lines on the rear view camera when backing are a must upgrade.

For those talking about profit for Tesla on this, do you realize that even at $1,000 retrofit the 5,000 unit figure tossed about would come to $5 million. That's not chump change. There's no real extra engineering here, just a small amount of extra labor to remove the bumpers in the first place.

Small amount of extra labor to remove the bumpers? Not really. I have done that job on both bumpers and have a vehicle lift. It takes a couple hours each, involves fender liners, under-body panels attached to the battery, etc. And then there's the issue of wiring the whole care. This is at least a 10 hour job, or $1,000+ of labor. Add in $500 for the hardware and a charge for reprogramming, the right price is about $1,500, assuming the existing bumpers can be retrofitted by drilling. I think it is worth that price and would jump, probably up to $2k, but not more.

@ GeekEV - That would be $5M in revenue, not profit. If Tesla made a profit on these things, which is debatable given Elon's "not for profit" mandate to the service centers, it would be much closer to $1M. Hardly worth doing if that's the case.

I'd get the parking sensors if reasonably priced. Especially in the front. I've already scraped the front leading edge of the bumper. I use the rear camera when I back up.

Sign me up as interested in a parking sensor retrofit. My 2007 Mercedes ML 350 had it and I was very happy with it. Although I've mentioned this before, it's worth repeating... the technology was on my SUV 6 yrs. ago and never let me down. Here's hoping that Tesla will make it available and possibly make it even more useful by including enough sensors to monitor cross traffic. Other vehicles have it. Why not Tesla?

im into it!

Sign me up. I would be interested in a front camera and sight lines in the rear. My MS is 3 months old I know a front bumper scrape is coming without sensors or a camera.Sensors would do in a pinch.

Soon the car will drive itself and you won't need to worry about anything.

Seriously, if you don't know where the front and back of you car begins and ends without an electronic crutch, I'd prefer you not be next to me in rush hour traffic. Learn how to drive the car if you're going to own it.

Robert22 - That's a pretty strong statement, bordering on obnoxious.

I drove for 20 years without parking sensors before I got them on my Lexus ES350. I found them VERY useful. Now that I don't have them on my MS, it takes me just a few seconds longer to park each time. Does that mean I can't drive? No. Parking sensors are just another tool on which drivers have come to rely, much like mirrors and backup cameras. These things aren't "crutches", they simply make the car safer.

I am interested in the sensors....

I am interested in the sensors....

I was contemplating after-market parking sensors but would much prefer Tesla's.

Living in Chicago with a tight alley and tight garage, and planning on keeping my car for a long time I have been waiting to see if I could get Tesla sensors rather then after-market. Given how long I plan on keeping the car I would pay up for parking sensors. Not that I like spending extra money, but even at a few thousand dollars it addresses the biggest short coming for me. It could be because I moved from an M3, but the time savings in parking easily makes it worth the extra expense.

I'd be interested too. I think that this may be a requirement going into the self-driving car. How else would the car know what is in front or behind you? Also, would it be unreasonable to thin that side sensors might be coming too as well as lane departure sensors? These might be needed too for the self driving car... Just something to think about. I agree, the front and side camera would be cool too!

From what I've heard they are only useful down to about 18 inches. That's not particularly helpful to me. Camera would definitely be better.

Adam S +1

I tired of this attitude "real men don't use…" and "learn to drive".

Many of the features people are talking about are helpful items that can get you out of a jam or help when you might be distracted.

I'd be interested but not as much as I thought I'd be. Now using the car the backup camera is fine for the rear, and I'm getting used to the dimensions in the front so not as much an issue as I thought.

So yeah, I'll upgrade if it's in the $1,500 or less range, but not above. And I agree with others that it's more likely to be > $2,500 for the retrofit.

I'm interested. I've already damaged my bumper 3 times making a tight turn into my garage.

Would really enjoy an auto park feature that reliability makes the tight turn for me.

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