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To the people that own a Roadster or Model S

Just out of curiosity, what do you do for a living?

Chemical engineer, working for Big Oil.
Model S 85 owner.

computer programmer

High-Tech - marketing and product management

Senior Software Engineer (aka computer programmer)

Retired computer software author -- specialized in financial community

CalDreamin, welcome to the side of good :). I am somewhat joking. Does anyone at your work care that you have an electric car?

Interventional Radiologist

Retired advertising creative director.

@risingsun, Haven't yet shown my MS to my colleagues at work ;-)
But, being good technogeeks, I imagine they will like it.

Wal-Mart greeter

Assistant Principal at a high school

Senior Solutions Architect/Network Engineer (Design/Deploy/Train/Operate Computer Network & Security)

er doctor

Sports bar owner

CEO of Nitrogen generator manufcturer in The Netherlands
Expecting to get my new signature in the comming months..
Currently driving a 300C with Mercedes diesel, also a nice car..

Lawyer and shareholder :).

Diagnostic radiologist/M.D.



Tax Lawyer

Network Admin. :-)

Business Continuity Program Manager and wife is retired from court admin.

Busdriver :-) in Norway

Tesla Ambassador!

Time traveler.

Canadian. Retired airline pilot B747

@janbylund |
Bus-driver in Norway? That one surprised me. Does driving ever get tiresome for you?

Also what exactly is a Tesla ambassador?


"Tesla ambassador". Explaining jokes is hard and unrewarding work. You'll have to figure it out for yourself.

I was laughing at Wall mart greeter, but I'm Dutch so he could be serious....

Oh and Dentist...

Oh and Brian H what about you?

(i like the oh's ... as is oh and one time at bandcamp...)

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