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Picking up my Model S on Monday

Hi guys,

I'm picking up my model s on Monday and was wondering if anyone had any advice about what to look for and what questions to ask. Is there anything that you were confused about or that has been an issue with more than a few cars?



Sylvia - The folks at the service center are extremely helpful and they will walk you through everything (I picked mine up yesterday). With that said, I would recommend reading the owners mannual as there is a lot to taken in. Congrats - you are going to love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Check over at TMC, there is a downloadable checklist there for the MS.

Congrats, you will love it!

First, congratulations! I have had my S since October and love it more every day. RAFellows is right about checking out the list on TMC. If you do find some issue, the Seattle service team will take good care of you.

I would make sure you are clear on what to expect when you go through the routine of charging your car. Some have been concerned that the car appears to shut down after plugging it in. Another thing you should cover is the control menu. Lots to learn there.

If you like music while you drive, ask about your options.


Where are you picking up your car from. I thought they were delivered to your home.
I did see a couple of cars today at the Seattle TMC, guessing one of them is yours.

You can get them delivered to your home, but you can also pick them up from the service centers. I think it maybe you can generally get it sooner if you choose to pick it up at the service center because of the way the logistics work out. I dunno.

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