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Pulled Over for *Not* Speeding

I took the long way home from my trainer this morning at 6:30 am. I'm in a bit of a daze after my workout. I'm jolted out of my stupor by CHP lights blazing in my rear view mirror.

"Good morning, Officer"
"Are you in a hurry?"
"Not really, was I going a bit too fast?"
"No." A long pause.
"Is this one of those electric cars?'s so quiet. I pulled one of these over for using his cell phone. I told myself next time I saw one I'd pull it over so I can have a look." Demos ensued.

"So, Officer, tell me your favorite song."
"Public Enemy, Fight the Power." I hit the button, say the words and, moments later, the song begins to play, Our Officer is amazed. And, so am I.

First, abuse of power. Second, his favorite song is Fight The Power, kinda ironic.

@defmonk Love the story. I wish I was as successful when I'm showing off slacker. It's put the damper on so many test drives that I'm reluctant to do it.

@Mike C

Technically, it is abuse of power. But, in this case, it just felt kind of Mayberry RFD-ish. KInd of refreshing in a big city like LA.


There is certainly a technique to it. I find if I enunciate clearly, but not haltingly, I get a good result every time. Also, saying the track title and the artist seems to give better results. There are still some titles and artist names that seem to make it go haywire.

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. A Kirkland, WA officer pulled me over the first week I had the car.

He didn't ask to see my DL, registration, or insurance card. He examined the car thoroughly, inside and out.

Why did he pull me over? Officially, to tell me it's getting dark and to suggest I turn on my headlights. It was dusk and only the DRL's were on. Good grief!

Sooooo.....If I do get pulled over for speeding in the Model S, is it still ok to say....

"So, Officer, tell me your favorite song."

Not that it has ever happened, but just checking on the etiquette....And should I ask with or without a grin??
Just wondering????

J. :-))))))

two comments: 1.) What's the probable cause for being detained by law enforcement, and 2.) why would a Tesla drive get pulled over for using a cell phone?? Blue tooth hands free technology should make this a never event.

Well, at least this proves the fact that being detained for no probable cause isn't just a race thing anymore.

Two years ago I was getting on 101 south out of San Rafael in my Roadster and was pulled over by a CHP motorcycle officer for talking on my cell phone while driving (I know, i'm a horrible human being).

The first thing he said to be was "I was really hoping you were gonna make a run for it, I would love to see how fast that thing goes while I chased you down"

I said, "You would have needed help to catch me, no way you get it done on your own".

I then gave him the tour and he gave me the ticket.......

You guys are far too understanding and forgiving.

If I were pulled over for no reason other than the fact that I was driving a red Tesla and the officer wanted to take a look, I would be filing a lawsuit that same day.

@defmonk thanks for the suggestion, but many times I call out the track and artist, the screen offers the song by the artist, I select it and it plays not only a different song but by a different artist.

Very embarrassing at times, so if that happens, I floor it and give the requester a concussion and then say, "there's your song!" Works like a charm :-)

@ TikiMan

You assume too much.


That occurred to me, too. And then, I thought of all the idiots I see daily on the 405, with modern bluetooth capable cars, still holding handsets to their heads. Could be...


Hmmm, I haven't had that yet, but, frankly, I don't use the feature that much either.

Cops are car geeks too.

I must add as a community service....

I fly a medical helicopter, outside of not wearing a seatbelt, texting and driving contributes THE MOST to our business. Drunk drivers account for a close 3rd, but seriously, it's so effing dangerous don't do it. Hands free voice seems to be fairly safe. Please be careful in the Model S as the screen can be a distraction. I've had mine just a couple weeks, and I notice the temptation.

First hand knowledge, just sayin. :)

@dbrooks - The temptation lessens over time. Right now it's the whole "ooh shiny" thing...

I had an officer keep my daughter, wife and I company on highway 10 here in Ontario a few weeks ago. Officer said he wanted to make sure we were OK, seeing that my wife was cleaning up my daughter's barf from the backseat when he stopped in to check "if everything was alright".

Meh, he seemed nice enough but the car definitely catches more than just Joe Public's eye.


That was worth the ticket. And hey, it ain't bragging if you can do it.

For the Star Trek nerds...

"Burly Cadet #1: Hey, farm-boy, maybe you can't count, but there are four of us and one of you."

"James T. Kirk: So, get two more guys and then it'll be an even fight."


That scene is soooo good, I absolutely love the two last movies.

Do you know if Elon has ever stated if he is a Trek fan?

(sorry if this is a bit off topic)

Saw the most recent one in 3D, blew my mind.

@royce haha watching star Trek right now. I will name my near-future Model S the USS Enterprise/NCC-1701

@DonaldMissingP I'm a Trekkie too, and appreciate the sentiment. But a fellow named John beat you to the punch 13 years ago when he bought his first of 4 Priuses (latest a plug-in).

Hands-free is not safer. It's a brain-proccupation thing.

And here I thought all Model S (all variants) had bluetooth handsfree calling. I guess you guys aint using it.

I RARELY talk on the phone while driving. Usually I cannot hear the phone ringing over the music and find it distracting when the music in the Model S in interrupted by incoming calls.

Has anyone else notice that most Tesla thread posts don't stay on topic?

They are all on the phone.....;-)

but not driving. XD

Sorry, OT again.

Speaking of Trekkies, where's the user with SevenOfNine handle? She mention her car is due for delivery in the next month...

I suspect that's really Jeri.

"So, Officer, tell me your favorite song."
"Public Enemy, Fight the Power." I hit the button, say the words and, moments later, the song begins to play, Our Officer is amazed. And, so am I.

This can't be real.

Brian H, hard to see how hands free is any worse than talking to another person in your car. Hope the Nanny State doesn't ban THAT.

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