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Replacing the Model S battery pack

With the battery pack being the base on which the rest of the car is built on, is it even possible to replace the battery pack when it comes to the end of its useful life?

Tesla indicated in their FAQ that they cannot forecast cost of replacing battery because battery technology is changing but I see no information on how easy or hard or if it is even possible to replace the battery pack.

The forum is large and it is difficult to search if someone may have already posted this question so if this is redundant, apologies up front.

I was told that you have to prepay with in 30 days of taking delivery. Sounds like an 8 year escrow plan to me.

I understand that you can pay the $12K now or take your chances on the battery price 8 years from now. So, if you can invest your money and get 12% on it (which is a conservative view on what I get) the $12K today will grow to $30K in eight years. And, if I keep my existing battery for two years beyond the warranty, that $30K is over $37K For my money, I'd rather see what $37K can buy in ten years. A flux capacitor, perhaps?

I suppose I should start by saying I do not own a Tesla...YET! I do however want one badly and I have been doing a lot of research about the development and on consumer reviews. The one part about the car that still has me a little concerned is the battery life. I realize the battery life is vastly better than any other EV on the market but I'm still not sure it is good enough.

I occasionally take "long" trips and I am still trying to wrap my brain around how this would work. I drive for 200-250-300 miles and then I have to stop for a charge. From what I have read even if I can find a supercharging station I would still have to charge for a few hours...right? If I cannot find a supercharging station then it would be much longer like 8+ hours. So the likely-hood of actually taking a "long" trip just doesn't seem feasible.

Then I started reading about being able to swap a battery very quickly and I began to wonder if it would possible to have a second battery for these long trips. This could be a great idea...except for the part of having to pay for a second extremely expensive battery just so that you could go farther before charging. Then I read the idea on this post about possibly renting a battery from a charging station and then picking up your charged battery on the return trip. That sounds like a much more logical approach to the long trip scenario. I don't know what the answer is...but I like that ideas are being thrown around for possible solutions down the road.

@rswaynick - a 20-30 minutes charge at a supercharger should give you about 200 miles range on S85 battery. It will still take less than an hour to charge it completely.

If you can't wait for a free refill to the next stop, then you can pay for a 90 seconds battery swap at a cost similar to paying a full tank of gas for an ICE vehicle.

If your trip requires you to go to an EV charging black hole, then renting an ICE car or flying may be a better alternative.


Supercharging and battery swap info can be found at:

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