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Reverse not possible with my conventional ergonomic

When I go reverse, I always look back, I mean WAAAY back so that I can see more (right ,left, back, and DOWN the road...)

I need to overturn my body around which means my buttocks are no longer touching the seat any more, but my foot is still pressing on the accelerator or the brake.

However, the Model S would immediately "park" each and every time I do reverse my way because it wants to sense my buttocks all the time.

I thought this is perverse!

I propose that as long as there's pressure on either pedal (brake or accelerator), Model S should let me continue to reverse without sensing my buttocks.

Managed to locate this video of nickjhowe in action.

Thx @Tam! There's a 'Tesla Firsts' thread somewhere. Maybe I should be on it. :-)

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