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Rimac Concept One Battery

I know Elon at Teslive mentioned that TM could develop a 500 mile range MS but it would be very expensive, but seems like Rimac AC has developed quite an impressive battery...

cost ?

MB already has a similar prototype... ~$500k.

Looks like it is optimized for racing. My guess is that it doesn't feature a long life. There are many things to optimize in a battery including longevity, energy density, power output, thermal management, price, weight, availability, etc.

Rimac has 92kWh battery, it can propel Concept One for 600km (375 mile). Noway near to 500 mile battery Elon hinted on Teslive.

btw: Concept One is car for $1,000,000.

Rimac's prototype is ~980K... no thanks.

The point is its a battery that is lighter and takes up less space that Tesla's and holds more energy...

How do you know that? Their battery prowide a lot of power (approx. 3x Tesla battery power) but they don't say what is its volume and weight...

Do a little digging...its all there...

they use lithium phosphate packs. they are lighter then the lithium ion. not for mass production as the car cost 1 million each. if tesla wanted to make a car that can compete in the million dollar range, i'm sure they can come up with something that is better.

it is a two seater that has a 91kw battery that only goes 300 miles(not rated by epa), look at the tesla roadster, has 53kw, goes 244 epa rated, if roadster had 85kw battery, would go ~400 rated miles. and probably go faster than the 3.7 0-60 of the standard roadster.

not really a good comparison, tesla had millions of miles on the current batteries, somewhat proven, the rimac is still not proven. if they can create this car for the same price of the roadster worth looking at.

@wormhole - are you sure the battery is lighter and takes less space? What they show you in the pictures is a single module with 3.64 kWh capacity each and the car has 25 of these modules to make a 91 kWh battery.
Overall not very impressive because it is still only a paper concept and Mercedes Benz has already a prototype car with very similar spec running. However nice looking car on the outside and I would like to see one in real and the price tag. The label "toys for the rich" fits here perfectly.

To be fair, it's not just a paper car anymore, see demonstration here:

So I am corrected... fair enough.
Awesome looking car! Thanks for the link.

They also have an e-M3 test car with 600HP, 1100Nm and 280Km/h top speed. Ouch! :)

My goodness. So many haters and dismissals. Do you think Elon would react that way to an alternative EV approach? Methinks not.

Ask Elon how much he could build into the Model S for 10X the price.

Something is wrong with this story.
check out the charger it looks like this car uses supercharger:

Amazing car, chockful of innovations throughout.

The most impressive is its all-electric All-Wheel-Torque-Vectoring system which controls each wheel's torque directly, through the electromagnetic forces generated by that wheel's motor, without using the brakes.

Equally impressive is the 92kW LiFePO4 battery which can deliver or receive (during Regen-braking) over one Megawatt of power constantly, without thermal problems.

The 1088 HP quad-motor propulsion system and the relatively light weight (full carbon-fiber, 4,300 lbs) achieve the astounding 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds.

Another remarkable feature is the absence of rearview mirrors, as all rearview is achieved through cameras.

On the other side, in the time this marvel has been in production, since January 2013, Rimac Automobili has only manufactured and sold eight cars, for US$980,000 each.

Well, that's eight more than the Quant e-Sport Limousine has sold since 2012.

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