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Service Manual? (as part of Lotus Cars NPI?)

Where is the Service Manual for the Roadster 2.5? (and others)

Hello everyone,

Every time I buy a vehicle, I purchase the full Service Manual as soon as possible, sometimes even before the vehicle is delivered. Since I have kept various vehicles running as long as 11 years or even 21 years, a Service Manual can sometimes be the only hope for repair and continued operation.

I would have thought that Lotus Cars would have required that a Service Manual be produced as part of their NPI program (new product introduction). Honda and AM General have these, even if they're printed by a third party (Helm, in the case of Honda) or incredibly expensive ($500 for the full set of Service Parts Catalog and Service Manual, in the case of AM General). Other manufacturers surely have similar documentation so that their products can be maintained long after the warranty has expired and even when or where OEM service is not available.

I realize that Tesla Motors considers a lot of their technology as proprietary and I also realize that Tesla Motors probably prefers that owners always use Tesla Stores and Tesla Service for maintenance. But at some point in the distant future, I fully expect that this will not be an option, so I would like the insurance of full documentation.

I hope that Tesla Motors can respond officially to this request, if only to direct me to the proper channels within the company who can help. I did ask at my local Tesla Store, but everything they have available is marked with "proprietary" and thus everyone was reluctant to make anything available to me without official blessings. So, here I am taking the next step.

My apologizes if this is not the correct avenue:

We too am looking for Tesla manuals because we want to service them at our store here in West Sacramento, CA.

We have just opened a very small shop. Humble beginnings but are well aware that electric cars are the future and don't want to be left behind.

We have just bought a Techstream 2.0 factory scan tool for Toyota and Lexus and noticed that on the desktop there is an icon for Tesla. I don't supposed that this tool will let me tap into these cars computer systems via the obdII port.

Again, please forgive us as we are not sure where to get questions answered.

Thank you in advance for any help,
Jim and Eve George
Owners of:
Eve's Automotive
824 E St
West Sacramento, CA 95605

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