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Shocks: air suspension or standard?

Last weekend I went to test drive p85+. For me, Suspension is too hard. If u test both air suspension n standard, could u tell me which is more soft? There is no difference? Or change 21 to 19 will solve the problem? I'm totally fine with specs of S85 or P85 or P85+. I do care abt ride comfort only.

If you want comfort, quietness, smoothness, then do 2 things:

1) 19" tire
2) Air suspension

It's a subjective thing. Not all could see the difference, but it bothers me enough to do the above 2 things.

@Tam Your response here is perfect for my wiki.

I chose standard suspension and 19" wheels for a little firmer and hopefully sportier ride. It's just a matter of the type of ride you like. Some say they can't tell much difference.

For comfort, air and 19" is the best combo. The 19" also gives superior wear and the widest selection of tires, especially snow tires.

Harsh ride on test drive in p-85 with air, wheels/tires unknown. Harsh ride on our 60 with 19's. No noticeable difference in ride. Both harsh! Glad I didn't spend the money for air. Great car otherwise.

I really like the air suspension for the height adjustment options.

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