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Ski/bike rack

I live in Lake Tahoe, and like the Model X concept (enough that I have one reserved), BUT I do have a serious concern/question. The falcon doors, while they may have a 'wow' factor for some and maybe do offer improved access to the interior, strike me as wholly impractical when it comes to making this a functional vehicle. How the heck am I supposed to carry skiis or bikes!? There doesn't appear to be any functional way to mount a rack system.

Would welcome the input of anyone from Tesla in particular... any solution forthcoming for this issue?


You should address your question to

Thanks! Just emailed him... we shall see!

Tow hitch would be better, IMHO, since range won't be impacted as much.

I believe it's a certainty with two motors for TM to rate the X for towing.

I am sure that they considered the issue of a roof rack and purposely designed a car which could not use them due to aerodynamic concerns. I imagine that a loaded roof rack could reduce highway range by 50%. The idea with the x is to use interior space and not the roof.

@adstein: The idea with the x is to use the interior space and not the roof.

Yeah, good luck getting your kayak in there.

Obviously it won't work for some applications. I just believe that they accepted the aerodynamic limitations of an ev any went from there.

Model X should have a tow hitch.
- lowest profile when not in use
- understandable reduction of milage when in use
- flexible for many uses..
- kayak trailer, ski & bike racks
- I'm not interested in putting any of this on the roof!

Wasn't there a quote somewhere that a rep/tech had hinted there was a very innovative roof rack solution? (It would have to be; very hard to imagine!)

Little known law that's been on the books for quite sometime...It's actually illegal in WA State to put a kayak on top of car unless it's a Subaru wagon.

It seems to me there is a simple solution that would serve 90% of the roof rack needs. Tesla could implement attachment points for racks that cover half the roof (left or right sides). This would be enough for a kayak or canoe, a couple bikes, skis, etc. When the attachment points are engaged, the falcon door on that side is electronically disabled. As most minivans only have rear doors on one side, this isn't a big loss in functionality.

That might be the best suggestion I have heard yet Barry. Here's to hoping they think beyond a rack that just carries skis. As far as I know, skis are the only thing that anyone from Tesla has mentioned the "innovative roof rack" would carry.

I would hope for a trailer hitch too. Bike rack and other stuff useful.

The ski rack question is an interesting one. I drive limousines for a living - that includes town cars, SUVs, everything with wheels. In the winter, we put roof racks on all our cars for hauling skiers to Whistler, and on our SUVs we use ski boxes because skis and snowboards don't mix well with a car full of passengers, and the larger passenger capacity means even more ski gear than with a sedan. With the amount we drive each car in a year and the high gas prices in our area, the fuel savings compared to a standard SUV - Suburban or Navigator, would probably pay for the car outright in 5-7 years, not even including maintenance savings. So the ability to carry ski gear externally really would make or break our company's purchasing decision. I think we can live with the reduced range of increased drag, so long as we can carry the extra gear externally.

I have a deposit on an X as well and this is a big concern for me. I am hoping for a hitch mount. We are a biking/triathlon family. I currently put 5 bikes on the roof of my BMW X5.

The falcon doors look fancy, but I think the lack of possibility to put a roof box / ski box on Model X will exclude this car for very many potential buyers here in Norway. Very many use such boxes for skis, snowboards etc during winter over here. Personally, I would love to have a Model X, but with the falcon doors, it is out of the question. Due to both the ski box issue and the height issue inside the garage.
I think the Model X would benefit from having regular doors. Have the designers considered what happens when the car has been standing outdoors and is covered with snow or ice, and someone opens the doors?

To those not trailer averse, here you go:

This raises a point that has been bothering me for some time now. When you use the interactive web page showing how the falcon doors open and close it looks to me that the doors also hinge at the edge of the roof where it intersects with the door side panel (gutter line) just before it closes. Also it seems that the geometry does not allow it to have such a small side clearance without the door hinging here.
It could be an optical illusion but being an engineer I rarely get tricked by that sort of thing (there is always a first time!).
If this second hinge is there, then it may be possible that the door hinge at the gutter line would allow it to swing out further. The geometry would be very tricky to make this and have a long enough hinge to make strong, but it may be possible. This would allow a rack to be in place but have temporary limited headroom clearance when getting in and out.
Anyone else have thoughts on this?

mvbf, I really like that trailer you posted the link for. Even with low Saturn I HATE loading things on and off the roof. 99% of the time I have to practically climb on top of the car to see in my roof mounted POD. I can not imagine trying to handle things on top of an SUV without a ladder.

My only question is how do the trailers handle in the snow and ice. I would imagine they track behind the car, but ruts in the snow might make things difficult. (I have not towed often and never in bad weather)

Strap-on skis under the wheels. ;)

Watch starting 3:15 - there is a solution for skis for Model X (he doesn't say which, maybe just the obvious one side of the car, door stays "shut" - down, I mean)

Could the space in the''frunk'' with a longer tunnel under the dashboard, make room for pair of skies?

Not if you've got another motor up there for AWD.

Picture of Model X Frunk:

No skies inside the frunk; that's for the pano roof. No skis, either, unless they fold up.

Trailer hitch please... possibly even custom fitted luggage to maximize storage potential in the trunk and the frunk

There's an aftermarket hitch receiver available for the Model S.

You can see the details of installation on a youtube video. We use ours for a bike rack. When not in use, we remove the visible part of the hitch receiver for looks and aerodynamics. Very happy with it.

Yes, a hitch is really mandatory on a vehicle like this. It could be an option, but then you still have to have an opening and flap for the rear bumper cover or manufacture two different bumpers and Tesla seems to wisely want to have the most efficient manufacturing process possible. (I remember a cheap Ford product that had as I recall 17 bumper combinations! Did this sell even 100 more cars? I doubt it. So stupid).

A fancy way to deal with the rack issue is to have a rack mounted to the rear hitch receiver that would swivel or slide up over the roof. You would pull it down and back, load your bikes, kayaks, etc, hit a button and it would power up and the front part would dock to a little stabilizer receiver on the front of the roof. It would be far easier to load stuff and you could easily lower it to fit under garages, etc.

Of course this would only work if the falcon doors could also be opened at the drip line of the roof.

Please do not underestimate the importance of using an SUV for active sports. I happen to like the falcon doors a lot. It is absolutely imperitive that you come up with some solution, either an option or something the TSLA stores can install as an option that allows you to carry either at least 2-4 pairs of skiis, or 2 snowboards, or 2 bikes. TSLA has come out with lots of innovations so please make sure you come up with an easy way to accomodate those basic requirements...
I can not move forward with an x package without the ability to go skiing or mountain biking as that is why I have an SUV!

fyi that email address above doesn't work :(

Here you go...

Swap it for a bike rack in the summer.

I'm planning to mount some fork mounts on something (2x4?) so I can put a couple (3 or 4 maybe?) bikes int the back with the 3rd row folded flat. Might have to fold the 2nd row down too.


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