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Tesla to begin repaying DOE loan at end of 2012

The Administration sure got lucky with TM. Looks like the only one of its investments that will pay off as advertised. For which 100% of the credit belongs to Elon.

Government loans are notoriously risky. The general criteria is the amount of jobs that they can create if successful (if the loan was safe, a bank would do it). Blaming government loan failures on a particular administration is just silly.

In Canada most borrowers took the money and shortly afterwards moved to another country (often the U.S.) with lower taxes. One of the big successes was the Michelin Tire factory in Nova Scotia.

When loans are agenda-driven, their efficacy depends on the sanity of the agenda and the lack of "pay to play" kickback influence. Both are in short supply in this instance.

Before this goes down the wrong path....can we play nice on the politics?

Bill Clinton: "Politics is a blood sport."

Tesla forums should not be.

"Tesla forums should not be."


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