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Tesla buyers in Georgia?

I have put a reservation down on a production Model S. Just wanted to know who else in Georgia or metro Atlanta has done the same.

Live in NE Cobb, reserved the Model S while living in CA.

Am looking forward to being able to drive one hopefully sometime soon.

I live in Decatur and just made my reservation last week. I expect I won't be driving one until sometime in 2013. Any one else reserve a Model B in metro Atlanta?

I've got a Model S reserved. I'm #1,698 in line on the general production list. I should get mine late next year.

I just reserved mine. P-5836 so maybe in 2013...

I have my Model S reserved too! p3056

I am in for a Signature vehicle in West Cobb.

I'm on the reservation list too... Don't have my number but it was a while back :)

I am 5292. I live in Brookhaven. I guess that means sometime early 2013.

Anyone here thinking of getting the performance version?

I am in Decatur and reserved a sig#118

Hey kperl1, where in Decatur are you? I'm in Oakhurst. Also my reservation # is P5653. Jealous of your low# signature. You will be driving your car this summer. I will probaly get mine this time next year.

I'm P3327 in Mableton. Leaning toward Performance S

I live down in Statesboroa and have a reservation for a Signature S #1012. I'm thinking about the performance Signature instead of the general Signature.

Doing the paperwork for my final configuration today.

Sweet! What have you decided on?

Signature Red Performance with white leather, carbon fiber accent, rear spoiler, areo wheels and high power charger. I am just getting the body colored roof, because I don't like the glass roof and would never open it anyways.

I am assuming that kperl1 (above) will probably get his car on the same truck as mine since I'm 105 and he is 118.

I'm 4513 in Roswell.

Upgraded to Sig Performance, now S1227

Congrats! What options are you getting? Let us know when you are expecting delivery.

I live in Tifton, GA and regularly drive to Dunwoody. General production reservation 5040. Looking to get 85KW option with a hope that it will give an average of 250 miles range to cover my one-way drive with some buffer.


I got some good news this week! I received my "It's time to build your Model S" email. I am p3056 and I received the email on 8/14. Looks like 60-90 days approximate delivery.

-George V

Congrats George! I'm 5836 so have at least a month to go before I get that email. What did you opt for?

Thanks! I went with the following:

40 kwh
Brown Pano 19 in
Tan Leather, Obeche Wood Matte
Tech Package
Sound Studio
Active Air Suspension
Parcel shelf

Just signed all my paperwork today!

I'm P2414 and in Atlanta / Midtown. Signed my paperwork last week. Expecting delivery in Nov. Spoke to a Tesla rep last week and they expect to be producing 500 cars a week by November!

I live in Athens. General production # 10,306.

Smyrna, P9358

I'm in NE Cobb Co, & have reservation # P2693. I got the "It's time to build your Model S" email on 8/14/12, & asked for a delay, since I have not yet had a chance to drive the Model S. I feel a little nervous about finalizing my order (& making my deposit non-refundable) without having a test drive. How many people have taken a test drive, or are you comfortable ordering literally sight unseen?

The Tesla folks said there may be test drives in Ft Lauderdale in late Sept. Nothing slated for ATL area yet.

I did test drive the Tesla Roadster at the Loews Hotel in Dec 2010. That car smoked the road, & reminded me in terms of pure acceleration, of the Ferrari 458 that I test drove in Italy.

Hi hpatelmd,

I was able to visit the design center in San Jose - Santana Row where I sat in the Model S for probably an hour or so. It gave me a really good feel for the interior \ exterior of the car. I was impressed even though I was constantly being told that finish will be refined by production. The Tesla representative there was very helpful in answering all of my questions. They had leather \ paint samples that helped me decide on color & trim. Also, sample wheels to which I decided on the 19" to get a little more tire then wheel. The representative actually recommended it. 19" wheels are pretty big.

Against my better judgement I put in my order without test driving. I have been watching youtube videos of test drives and soaking up the feedback and driver reaction. They are mostly WOW-like - some of them roadster owners. From the onset I knew this would be a leap of faith so I feel pretty good that I will be getting my S (hopefully) before the end of 2012.

I own a Leaf and sat in a Model S Beta 2 weeks ago at the Denver Tesla Store. It's obviously an individual choice and preference but I was blown away by everything but the handling and drive feel since that's what I couldn't test. Otherwise I kicked the tires, played with the 17" display, operated the sunroof, sat in the back, checked out the pano roof, trunk, frunk and everything else you can do without actually driving one. It was enough for me to sign the paperwork. Personally I think it looks better in person than any videos or photos I have seen. helped me decide to choose the pano roof on my config.

I too like the look of having a little more tire with the 19" wheels, but I have to say that the 21" wheels didn't look as bad as I thought they would when I first saw them in person. Since I am getting a Signature S, it really felt bad downgrading to the 19" wheels when I already paid for the 21s.

I certainly did not get a chance to drive the car before ordering, but I wasn't worried at all about the way the car drives. The S will feel super. The decisions about the interior and exterior seemed harder to me without seeing them. I did sit in the Beta model in Florida about a month after placing my order.

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