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Tesla Model S = the best-selling car in Norway!

With a market share of 6.1% it out-sold the VW Golf (4,9%) and the Mazda CX-4 (4,2%) for the period 01.09 - 09.09.

That is pretty amazing! :-) Congratulations Tesla!


Sorry, itis supposed to be CX-5.

That's great news. Let's hope that that success will continue in the coming weeks and month's and years.

It will especially since they're fuel prices are the highest in the world!

The fuel prices in The Netherlands are also very high: 1 Liter Petrol is 1.85 Euro.

Now what is the price of 1 Liter Petrol in Norway?

Not surprised as I always thought the Model S would KILL in Norway once the news of how cool and economical it is got out, great news officially none the less!

No disrespect, but I find this difficult to believe. I can’t verified the source since my Norwegian is rusty (non-existent).

Norway is known for being years ahead of the west, although they still live in a constitutional monarchy, but adopting a $80,000 + car with a 6% market share is crazy!

If it’s really true, I am applying for a visa right away, because this place must be perfect (aside for the weather and the monarchy).

There is beautiful nature in Norway as well. I am already looking forward to going there someday.

@Fredlambert - You missed the part regarding huge EV incentive and no VAT (up to 100% purchase price). Another thread mentioned that the MS is similar in pricing to a "well-equipped" VW Passat.

How about them apple.

BTW, you should apply for the VISA right about now...

Just wait until current owners start doing test drives and generally letting the rest of the country know about MS. I've moved five by simply letting friends drive my car.

Plenty of well-off businessmen in Turkey, where petrol is close to eleven dollars a gallon. Because of this, the excellent main roads are virtually deserted. Everyone uses long-distance buses.

Any plans for an Instanbul dealership, Tesla?

Benz, 1liter 95 petrol is 1.98 euro today where i live in Norway. Not that different from your price.

@Mathew98 - Point taken. But 6% still is a huge number. Can anyone else confirm these numbers?

I can't find anything. Or can someone direct me to the right link on so I can traduce the page?

The number is real, but consider that this is more than three years of accumulated orders being delivered in a batch this autumn. New sales are another matter. We don't know that number. The VW Golf has been the best selling car model year after year, currently at over 500 vehicles pr. month. Hard to beat in the longer run.

Google translate:

moms = VAT (regular rate is 25%)

@Notre Thanks.

As you can see on that web page the CX-5 is appr. NOK 300.000 upwards. The MS 85kWh is appr. NOK 500.000 upwards.

You can save more than that difference on fuel and other EV benefits in the cars lifetime, so the MS is actually cheaper.

If this doesn't get picked up tomorrow, I'll try to get something on Yahoo! finance.

It's great news for Tesla.

And for Norway BTW.

BTW NOK 506.0000 (base price for an MS S85kWh) is USD 84.000. Most MSes sold in Norway are "well equipped" Ps, and P+es with more or less every option and a NOK 700.000 or so tag (USD 115.000). So we actually have no subsidies, just no taxation.

The figure is correct Fredlambert, but please remember this large delivery is a result of accumulated sales over the past year or so.

Nonetheless, I did receive my MS60 this week as well in Oslo, Norway, and I am still smiling from ear to ear. Just driving this machine through my neighborhood has probably sold 10 of these......

With the current EV incentives in Norway combined with the simply amazing performance of the S - dashed with the fact that Musk has placed 6 superchargers here already - will probably make the S one of the most successful cars ever here in Norway. Provided, however, that the incentives are maintained for some time as well as no major errors / issues appearing with the battery etc.

lygren seems to negate my argument above, but he is one of very few 60kWh owners here.

My view is that "provided that the incentives are maintained for some time" the X "will be one of the most successful cars ever here in Norway".


"Just driving this machine through my neighborhood has probably sold 10 of these"

Ahah, can I quote you on that?


"the X "will be one of the most successful cars ever here in Norway"

Did you mean the S? Or you are already projecting that the Model X will work well in Norway?

Because of the rough winters I suppose.

This just proves my thesis that MS will sell even better in Europe than here in the US because of their incentives and their high gas prices.

Just bought more stock because this piece of Norwegian news.

We already have 3 MS on my block in Manhattan even though there are no incentives and it is more expensive than gas to fill out our Beam chargers.
So in Europe where it actually makes sense to buy electric cars one shouldn't be surprised that they go like hotcakes as soon as word gets out about the car. Many Europeans don't even know about it yet. Just wait..

@ Runar

Wow, so the price of 1 Liter Petrol really is higher in Norway (1.98 Euro) compared to The Netherlands (1.85 Euro).

You know what, if more and more EV's are sold in Norway, the demand for Petrol will decrease a little by little. Or not?

@ NYC Realtor

Indeed, just wait and see.....

@ Fredlambert

In my opinion the Tesla Model X is a better car than the Tesla Model S. Why? Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive!!!

But still the sales figures of the Tesla Model S will be higher than those of the Tesla Model X. Why? The demand for sedans is higher than those of SUV's.

According to WolframAlpha, Norway as a GDP per capita of $99,558 USD per person per year. That's compared to $49, 965 in the US. It seems they can afford the Model S quite easily over there...

"has a" not "as a"

Anyone knows 6% translate to how many vehicles?

@ Fredlambert

Period: September 1st - September 9th
Model S: 133 registrations
VW Golf: 118 registrations

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