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Tesla as an opportunity of investment

I belive that all people that are reading this post think that Tesla is a great Car Company, the most advanced, the most innoative and the most oriented at the future.
This is the reason for which I'm evaluating tesla as an opportunity of investment and i would like to discuss with you about this.

It's not just a question of squishy. There is zero time savings if your commute cannot use an HOV lane because there isn't one.

A very interesting documentary on the Elon Musk life and his companies, made by bloomberg television program "Risk Takers"

I wonder if the 40+ resistance will last?

AndrejM: Look at the stock now o.0

I wonder if the 46 resistance will last. o.0

...we will see tomorrow... even KO was euphoric today, maybe tomorrow there will be a little adjustment..

Tesla was at 47.54 !!!
Soon it will even rise to 50.

Now it gets interesting...

When are the shorts forced to capitulate? Does anybody know?

Having said that, and to be clear, I think that a reasonable price for the next few months is somewhere in the 50's.

But a short squeeze, if it comes (it might already be starting), could be spectacular.

I do not think most of the shorts are compelled to cover yet. The big boys usually short a stock like TSLA and then go long on GM, F, etc and/or index. TSLA would a small % of their multi-billion portfolio. It is professional money running OPM. Not the mom and mop on this nickel and dimming a few puts on the Yahoo boards.

It will take real earnings to get them to cover. As of 3-28. 31.3M shares are short, around 45% of the available shares. We got till June for this kind of volatility and there will be nasty down days too.

Bubba, that sounds pretty reasonable for the major hedge funds and their firepower. But I think there actually is some pressure from the "mom and pop" shorts. We've been talking about the shorts for a long time. They are really taking a bath now. Some of them have to be heading for the exits.

Notice that the stock is solid regardless of what the market does. The S&P is down 3% so far this week, while TSLA rose to 47.

I find it hard to believe that only longs are driving up the stock even on a sharply down week like this.

A lot of bad news has been priced into the stock. Bloomberg bad mouths Tesla. Many of the analysts do not think Tesla is viable. A lot of shorts piled in. I was offered 18-20%/year to loan my shares a month ago! That is a lot. Meanwhile, the consumer is voting with their wallet and Tesla is selling all the cars it can make, hi end cars mostly.

Shorts still want to short the stock, in spite of the goods news. This week the offer was in the 14-15%/year to borrow shares. There is still skepticism that Tesla will generate positive GAAP earning and positive cash flow. I think they will exceed their guidance due to the inherent economies of scale in automated manufacturing and efficiencies of their supply chain.

Elon Musk and his team are very competent. Look at his track record. Would you bet with:

or this Bimbo:


I am far from an expert, but it looks like panic, or forced, buying to me.

This is exciting to watch:

+2.52 (5.36%)
Real-time: 12:54PM EDT

I suspect we will peak at $50 today 4/19/13. From here, it would take too much of a retreat for the shorts to cover. Nothing but good news for Tesla over the next 60 - 90 days. Bravo!

I sincerely hope that many of the Tesla employees are reaping the financial benefits of the dramatic increase in stock price. They deserve it for all their hard work.

Sadly, it looks like the shorts are throwing the towel. There is no interest on the part of the shorts to borrow any shares to short. They went from paying 18-20%/year about a month ago to not wanting shares anymore. WAAAH!

Daily volume have been slightly up, but not enough to cover the 31.3M shares short as of 3-28. I suspect the big institutions that are short must have done private purchases in big blocks. Fido is long big time with 15% of the shares outstanding. Quite a few of insiders have been selling during the last few months including Elon Musk, Mrs Musk #1 (Wife #2 must not have got many shares), plus a few other insiders. This must have given the shorts breathing room.

Those shorts provided a nice support to the stock.

Didn't most of the shorts lock in in the low $30s? That's hot bath time.

If the short has been forced down a bit by this rise, I wonder how fast they would jump back in (short, that is) in the event of a bad news. Whatever is happening, mini short squeeze or not, I just look forward for the stock to come back down a bit within the next few years so I can buy in. I've only shorted some puts at $15 due next January, so naturally this leaves me hungry for more because that was just a teaser.

I meant "If the short [interest] has been forced down a bit by this rise"... sorry.

Trying to pick bottoms and tops is the road to ruin.

Another obstacle overcome: 50$

One publication theorizes that we’ll see a massive short squeeze when investors who bet against Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) realize their mistake. The stock rose another 4+ percent on Monday in anticipation of CEO Elon Musk’s big news about the company.

You guys have been great for me! My next car will be a Tesla, but I'm already getting the benefits in my 401k. I got in about a month after the IPO, when stock was around $25 a share, investing about $2k. It's now double! I added another $1000 a few weeks ago. I did this for the same reason I did my initial investment: the confidence that for the long term, electric vehicles will be the way to go, and Tesla is way ahead of everyone else in the business. I just didn't expect the payoff to be so quick. Shortly after the second purchase, the stock ratcheted up from about $40 to $50 a share, so I'm coming out ahead. If I were playing the market, I might cash out while I'm ahead on the short term. But, I stand by my belief that this is a long term company with a plan that sees the future better than everyone else. So, while I'm saving up for a Tesla, Tesla is saving up for me.

Respect for nantang :)

I hope that all this wave of optimism will turn into benefits for the company, and obviously, for the stock market...

I have you up about 93% overall so far. Not tea bags!

... and i said to myself:

....what a wonderful stock.....

I am ready to go long on TSLA, however I'm debating as to when exactly to get in. Some say since the stock is currently overpriced, it will come back down closer to its market price after the short squeeze. Others are not so sure, claiming it may not get lower than its current price even after the "tsunami of hurt" has passed.
What's everyone's thoughts on riding the wave and cashing out during a possible major peak just to go back in once the price settles?

Tesla short interest dropped from 31.3M on 3-28 to 30.7M on 4-15, a drop of 0.6M (2%) only. The stock in the same period went from 98 to 44 approximately or moderate elevation of volume. It must have been the longs buying. I would guess the same happened last week, so current short short interest must be around 30M or about 45% of the available float.

This provides some support for the stock. If we get good news flow, including SC deployment, reservation numbers and most important, a beat in earnings, margins, etc... then the shorts would be pressured to cover. If the long pile in, it could be interesting.

Maybe Elon should start wearing body armor.

Speaking of earnings, has anyone read John Petersen's article "Tesla's Q1 Earnings, An Epic April Fools Prank"?

What happened at noon that kicked the stock upstairs?

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