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Tesla owner charging network

With 20000+ cars delivered this year, we are creating the bigest network of charging stations in US. Most of us will have at least 240/40A plugs. I think, with an average $1000 spend for instalation, we are investing 20 millions almost the same amount the Elon will invest in supercharging stations. The question is how to use this network...


or even your MS? ;p

I'm not into this idea at all. I will do almost all my charging at home. I've had electric bicycles for two years, and never charged them anywhere but here, and I see the car as similar...but with 270+ mile range :-)

I never bought a Leaf because of limited range, and I dropped an extra $20k on the 85KWh so that I wouldn't have to waste brainpower on this very issue.

However, for those of you so inclined, you should have a look at the FON network of WiFi sharers, mostly in the EU. FON allows people to share out a portion of their broadband connection. For "FONeros" that put their hotspot up to share, they can use other hotspots for free. For FONeros that don't want to share their hotspot, they can pay to use other FONeros' WiFi. It must work...they have 8 million hotspots participating.

@derek - I don't expect to every charge my Model S anywhere besides home, except on long-distance travels. Until the Supercharger network is built out, you need to charge elsewhere for any trip over 100mi away or if you plan to drive much at the destination.

The problem is that even with HPWCs the charge rate is still slow for a stop on the way to somewhere -- maybe if I only need 50 miles to get to my destination it might be reasonable, but realistically if I have to wait 3 hours to charge on the way I am probably going to take a different car.

I'm planning a trip later this year that will require a recharge, but I only need about 20 miles extra to make it there, and then I can charge over a weekend at the friend's house I will be visiting. So, there is a restaurant on the path that has a charger, and I plan to charge there while eating and maybe another 30 minutes of charging (it is a L2 30A charger, so about 14mi/hr). But that's really about the limit I am willing to do, so until the Supercharger network is built out near me I won't be going any further than that. Having a Tesla owner along the path willing to let me use their HPWC might extend that another 30 miles or so, but that's about it.

Certainly there is utility in knowing where charging is available in the case of emergency, but to me that just shows that you planned poorly.

I just took a 2 day 480 mile round trip journey in Virginia (very poor EV infrastructure) in my 60kWh. I mostly used J 1772s which are SLOW and having NEMA 14-50s to use would have been nice (50% faster charging). There's also the problem that public chargers are often blocked by ICE vehicles or sometimes out of service in which case you could be screwed if low on charge. The nice thing about public chargers is they are usually in a place where you actually want to hang out for a few hours as opposed to killing several hours at someone's well fortified farmhouse (no offense Pungoteague Dave).

Hey, it's only fortified if you are a bad guy. Come on by - you can kill the hours eating oysters, riding an ATV, or in better weather, hop on a Hobie Cat or jet ski. There are a bunch of good reasons we still have an underground petrol tank here.

Thanks for the offer, I am looking forward to Tesla's ATV and Jet Ski models though :)

I think I've seen video of electric snowmobiles ...

I have added my place on plugshare, seems pretty ok... You can specify to call ahead and I did put a small fee but it is good for an emergency choice if you are running low in a BEV and I or my employees are around... I would of course waive the fee for Tesla drivers...

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