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Tesla owners: How often/ever do you have range anxiety?

The only consistently mentioned knock against the Model S (apart from price) is "range anxiety". So here's a question for current Model S owners. Have you ever felt range anxiety? If so, how often? 1 out of 100 trips, etc? And, of course, have you ever run out of charge and been stranded?

Range anxiety only once with Max charge. I drove to Indianapolis and back the same day. 236 miles round trip. It was cold 32 degrees and almost 100% highway driving. I drove about 70-75 MPH on the way to and back from Indianapolis. Realized I'd used a little more than 1/2 charge. Found a nice restaurant that had J1772 charger and added 15 miles during a 50 minute lunch. I made it back with 6 miles remaining.

Lessons learned:

Slow down and you get more range.
Turn down the heater (cabin temperature was 74 with seat heater on)
Car is way to much fun to drive slow.

Added information:

3600 Miles so far and average wh/mi is 370 due to living in Ohio during Winter.

I feel not so much range anxiety, but a reluctance to use the car for longer trips. This will improve as the supercharger network develops and expands into my area, but let's face it: the supercharger network will never be every place you want it to be. And it will be a while before hotels and motels have installed enough charging facilities that we are offered a decent selection of where to stay over night.

So, yes, the major drawback of an all electric car is the lack of flexibility in where you can travel, when you can go, an whether you can take a trip without extensive planning. I don't yet feel that I can give up my ICE car.

But over time, this problem will diminish, and I will get more accustomed to the charging environment. Meanwhile, the car, its performance and handling, and the sheer delight of driving it will more than make up for its shortcomings.

No range anxiety at all around home. I'm in a satellite office 60 miles from home today, which is 20 miles from Seattle. Will drive home, from there to seattle and back and won't have to recharge all day.

Longer trips take more planning and take more time, for sure. Kent and Douglas have it right.

And it's way too fun a car to drive 55...

Miles - 4600
Range anxiety occurances - 0
Occurances of Tesla smile passing gas stations - hundreds:)
Tesla smile due to teleportation - uncountable :-)

I just received my car and I wouldn't really call it range anxiety that I'm feeling, but a lock of confidence in the range estimation of the car. I'm being really watchful of how far stuff is because I don't yet have a good feeling of what the car is capable of doing.

I commute to work 40 miles each way, and there is no place to plug-in at work. Also it's rather cold here in Michigan so I just don't have a good feeling yet for how all these factors are going to effect my range. I do have confidence I will be able to get to and from work every day.

Roadster owner for 3+ years, soon to be Model S owner.

never had range anxiety!
never ran out of charge.
Lowest amount of charge left was about 40 miles.

Carried around a 110V plug just in case, never used it.

Relevant blog posts:

US Govt stats show 1% of trips are long range, 30% of total miles.

I've been driving a Leaf for almost 2 years. I've had a few "close ones", but the Leaf has a much shorter range. The Tesla was delivered yesterday, so I don't have "experience" with it, but I know that I can go lots farther than in my Leaf (the Tesla is for the wife because she's always driving the Leaf despite having an ICE in the garage)...

This is what I've learned over the "almost 2 years" with my Leaf and expect I'll have the same experience with the Tesla: I seem to drive "very conservative" to my destination and "who cares" on how I drive home (assuming, I'll have some "range left").

The other thing that I've learned, and what others have said here, is that you tend to drive slower, stay in the slow lane (in the Leaf at least), etc. My one day as a Tesla owner, however, feels different in that I have driven the car, well, like my ICE's. (ok, not totally true as everyone that gets in it gets the "see how quick it is and well it handles" experience which means "pedal to the metal" :))

I have pulled into my driveway more than a few times in the Leaf with zero miles left but no "Turtle" (a turtle appears when you've got about 5 miles of charge left). Honestly, only once was I concerned about not getting home in my Leaf.

My average day has me plugging in with about 150 miles left to go. More than enough juice to enjoy the car's power on a daily basis.

Really no range anxiety at all on a daily. Since I have a full tank each morning, I have range freedom. Some of my days have around 200 miles of driving. Trips are a different matter. We did one day trip of about 240 miles. I knew we would make it home, but I did feel a little anxiety.

I have read the posts about longer road trips with interest. My observation is that usually the travelers are not on a tight schedule. If they have to wait for a charge or use the plan B charger, it is not that big of a deal. I will have to think about this aspect when planning a longer trip.

I usually drove around 900 miles or less / month with my Prius.

Now that I got my Model S for the past 3 weeks, I have driven more than 2,100 miles.

Hey, it's just too fun, fast, nice, calm, and graceful to drive Tesla. All this with no range anxiety.

The trick is my driving is limited with 6 California Superchargers in mind :)

Our longest trip to day was about 85 miles each way. Decided to charge at the Gilroy supercharge station on the way home.I guess that was a bit of anxiety. There were 4 empty charge stations for Tesla and several for Leaf etc. The Sc rate of 220 miles per hour certainly relieves any anxiety.
I also confess, free charging just feels good. Thanks TM!

Tam (et al) how 'bout keeping a log of SuperCharger uses, date and miles (or kWh) charged, and where. It will make for a very interesting map, or layer/overlay, in a year's time!

I don't have my Mod S yet...expecting Feb/March. However, I'm having PRA (pre-range anxiety) as I plan my trips with Mod S.

From Santa Clara to Cambria and Hearst Castle. Only if I can find a hotel in the area that would allow me to charge over night.

I didn't have any range anxiety in my LEAF after a week or so of learning how the car would respond and what levels of efficiency I could get if I needed. I expect out-of-town trips in the Model S will be the same way -- the first one I will be careful and figure out how the rated miles relate to how it is driven, and then future trips there will be no range anxiety, I will just drive the speed necessary to reach my destination.

Yep; FAST = SHORT; SLOW = LONG. Both time and distance.

I experienced range anxiety only once - the first time I took a road trip.

I received my car on December 10 and have used it only for local trips and commuting to work until this road trip. It was over the holidays when I drove to Springfield MA from Philadelphia PA to visit family. One way was 275 miles, and another 22 miles to my hotel that had a J1772 charger. I could not make it without getting a charge somewhere so I made arrangements to stop at the Tesla Store in White Plains NY for a charge. They were 146 miles from me. The Tesla folks were happy to help. However, just before the trip, I learned that the Milford Supercharger station opened, but that was almost 190 miles away. Should we try to go directly there? That's when I got range anxiety. I only had 2-weeks of driving the Tesla- none of it highway, so I was still unsure of energy use. I was not at all confident I can make it 190 miles to Milford with full batteries if there were traffic jams or other inconveniences one often experiences along the northeast corridor.

So I charged the batteries up to the max. (270 miles) and we started the road trip. I figured that if I could use energy at an average rate not more than 400wh/mi. we could reach Milford with some miles to spare. As it turned out, driving the speed limit (65 with some stretches of 55 and several miles of stop and go around the city), we averaged only 335Wh/mi. so we made it to Milford with plenty of miles remaining. I haven't had range anxiety since. In fact for the remainder of that trip, I did not charge the batteries to maximum). I am quite confident that in warmer weather, I will routinely match or exceed the rated miles shown on the dash. And if all else fails, I will SLOW DOWN and easily exceed rated miles remaining.

Going to have some range anxiety today I think. Charge port door stuck shut yesterday. Drove 50 miles yesterday (short trips in freezing weather) and 25 miles to work, 30 miles to service center, will have another 60 miles to get back to work and then home. I'll be going a bit slow on the way to preserve range, I expect.

Will update the stuck charge port thread when I find out what's up with the charge port door. It appears that the car thinks the charge cable is plugged in (maybe the third pin is stuck in the 'in' position). The blue light is on inside the charge port. Don't know if this has to do with the cold (for Seattle) weather we've been having or what.

This might impact what car to take skiing (or rAher which car to take to which ski area), but I do believe I'll make it all the way to work and back, provided they get the door fixed up for me today. Otherwise the service guys will get me home and I'll have to drive the boxster. Life's rough.

Update: range anxiety mitigated by 40 miles of charge added after they got my charge door open. Charge port gone bad (safety pin stuck). Service techs showed me a workaround to use until a new charge port arrives and is installed. Apparently not the first bad charge port they have seen. Very happy to be back up and running, and looking forward to final resolution.

I have driven about 3,500 miles in my Model S, but had my first real range anxiety this past Saturday night principally because I had gotten used to not worrying about my range that much. I drove from my home in Berkeley to a lunch in San Mateo (about 40 miles), gave a test drive (about 5 miles with fast acceleration), then drove to Redwood City (about 10 miles), then went on a drive with my friend to Half Moon Bay and back (about 65 miles), then decided to go to the movies in Mountain View (about 28 miles round trip). When I got back to Redwood City I realized that I only had 39 miles of projected charge, and my house in Berkeley was 42 miles away and it was 11:00 pm. I had not signed up for ChargePoint, so the only place I could find to charge without a membership was in an industrial park, where I sat from 11:00 to midnight to get my charge up to 49 miles projected (with 39 miles to home from that location). I was very nervous driving home, especially since there are rolling hills for the last 10 miles before I get home. Ended up making it to my home after driving 42 actual miles from the place I charged, and with 3 miles left of charge (the hills use up more charge).

Lessons learned: 1. Sign up for ChargePoint and Blink so you can use their chargers if you need to. 2. Don't get TOO relaxed with the range on this car, because it does eventually run out!

We have driven a Roadster over 3.5 years with no range anxiety. We've even driven beyond the range several times. Just plan ahead: plan for the place and time to charge.

We recently drove the Model S 800+ miles on a weekend. Thank you Superchargers! Once again, just plan ahead. Lunch or dinner near a Supercharger and then drive.

I never use ice in my sodas and I'll never use ICE vehicles again.

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