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Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

20 on the list I would say your chances or not too bad...
I would contact Tesla and ask how many still are before you... (might help as well ;)

Your best hope is to promote the green, blue or brown or Sunset Red colours, to tempt Sig reservers to switch. ;D


I honestly don´t know what number I was on that waiting list. I signed on to the list just a little before xmas I believe, but I called it in, for once I didn´t write a mail about it, so I am hard pressed as to give you an exact date.. However, I do not think it was before October. Or was it? I wish I had a cellphone with unlimited memory on previous numbers, but I don´t. I second jeroens on the "call to nag a little" - philosophy. It probably won´t hurt much, i guess. The next time I talk to my ´handler´I will ask about the number and post it here.

Interesting. I signed up on the Sig waiting list just after it sold out. Back then I was told I was number 28 on the waiting list. That was days after they started the waiting list.

No calls up to know.

Between hearing about the waiting list (then at 4 people) I made my regular reservation asap. When I got confirmation the waiting list had already gone wild.

Maybe the waiting list invite is also country dependent? (TM trying to spread their sig as much as possible to get optimal exposure all over Europe?)

For now not sure I actually want the Sig. The only viable reason to want the Sig is the white leather option.
Not even sure I want the model S at all. Still some safety and ergonomics issues to consider. 10 min test drives do not really tell you whether this car will be confortable for a 1.95 tall guy on a 1h:15m daily commute (if 10 min drive could at all be considered to be a 'test drive')


Well, maybe your original spot in the line counts? I am EU p536, ordered the production model in sept 2011.

As to whether the MS sig is wanted, I just say; 500 of these are sold in Europe. Whatever happens to TM company, the electric car revolution, whatever; this is going to be a major collectors item down the road. If you are afraid of car depreciation buy a signature.

I also only got to spend 10 minutes driving the car, I am also 194 cm, by the way (really long back, medium legs), and my main concern was head room. If you get the panoramic roof option this is not a problem. I cannot sit in the back, though.. I tried out seating positions for more than 30 min in the store in the display model. I am also concerned about safety issues and ergonomics, but so far nobody in the community has complained much about this. I guess I will have to live with it the way it is. I was really disappointed by the lack of electronic gadgets, though. No automatic dimmer of headlights, no adaptive bixenon, no blind-spot warning, no parking sensors, the wipers are crap with mediocre adjustment possibilities, the fan is noisy, no floor mats, bad rear visibility. Also I am not able to order a blue sig? WTH IS that? Minor details, though, when push comes to shove.

I reserved my MS a month ago, nr2853, have not gotten the chance to drive it. I will at least be able to see and feel one coming Friday at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Model S delivery thread is gone for US deliveries, maybe because people started to notice that sequence numbers did not relate to delivery times anymore. I have the feeling (educated guess) that the sequence number in Europe will not mean much either. It makes no sense to ship cars out of the US (and later from The Netherlands) in order of reservation. Logistics work against this logic. First one ship load of X cars, then a truck or trainload of X to Norway, Switzerland or Spain. If X where 1, then the costs will be extremely high. They will be sent in batches, maybe having P1 to 250 on one ship, but even that will probably not be the case, as we saw with US deliveries following a sequence that seemed "similar spec" based. Then in The Netherlands they will fill up a truck to Belgium or a train to Switzerland.

But maybe I am all wrong and they will be sent by one of Elon's spaceships ;-)


I am 1.92' hope to find a comfortable position behind the wheel. Even though I regret the parking sensor omission and other standard luxury options, I do see advantages this car has over luxury cars. My current Lexus had almost all I could wish for 5 years ago, but no wit feels like an aged car. Have to pay 400 euro for a navigation update, my iPhone has limited integration, Lexus won't let me use the nav when I drive, and boy, what a huge center console, my wife is sitting miles away from me :-)

With the software upgrade capabilities, I suspect the car can stay fresh longer, having the option to integrate new tech, adding new driving features, maybe even improve the car's performance over the next 5 years. No other luxury car has that, and that feels as huge plus for me.

So I guess I will have to learn to park properly again, just like in my old 1977 Volvo 245 ;-)

Thanks everyone for the helpful posts.
I will get on the phone tomorrow and let you know what I find out.


My position in the queue is P1076 (and 28 on the Sig waiting list?)

Of course the cars are not delivered in sequency for all kinds of obvious reasons. But one would expect that customers are contacted in queue order to find out what car they would actually like to order. After that, delivery will depend on configuration and other production and logistics issues.

For the tall guys among us, these ar my most important ergonomics issues:
1. If the seat is put in it highest position (not physical position bu just before your head hits the roof and/or you are still able to look thru the windshield), the safety belt is too low to fit nicely over your shoulder. It turns out to be just on the edge of your shoulder or even below. A huge safety issue as far as I am concerned.
This can only be overcome by lowering the seat making the seat less comfortable and ergonomic.
2. Becauase of the non existing mid-console you cannot rest your leg against is. Or if you just hit the corner of the screen it is likely to become painful after a while.
3. Limited adjustability of the seat (they should have taken BMW as an example). Length of leg-rest and non adjustable head rest (safety) being the most important issues.

However, still wanting to convince myself to buy this (sub-optimal) car.


Thanks for your insights, very helpful. I will try it out Friday.

I know it is not in all aspects the perfect car, but that is with all cars, they are made to fit an average person in the respective target group (both in size as well as in budget).

I am still convinced to buy, but mainly for innovative and, above all, financial reasons. I love my Lexus and was tempted to buy the new GS450h, but operational costs are getting too high. As you might know (I assume your Dutch or Dutch speaking) the fiscal regime in the Netherlands is very positive. So it is a "now or never" for me. I might even like the Model X better, but that will surely be delivered in 2014. With the S I have a chance of getting it in 2013.


Being 194 cm I have never owned a car where I didn´t have to compromize to acheive a good position behind the wheel. I also noticed the low exit point of the seat belt, but having a long back, I had to lower the seat considerably to fit under the roof, as I always must. What I found a bit more alarming was the low headrest. It is there to save your head in case of a rear collision, but the way it was set before the drive it looked like it was there to break my neck. My wife (who discovered this) managed to remedy this by sliding it to the top position. I would have been more concerned if she saw but didn´t do anything;-)

It appears the US delivery thread was removed because it was too informative. Maybe.

I just talked to a very nice lady in Tesla UK. The EU Sig. waiting list is meant to be based on the time you requested to go on the list so what happened for others is not clear.

As Brian H suggested - if you do have a Sig reservation can I encourage you to choose a lovely production colour ? ;-)

Also I understand that we have to assume that it will be a few more weeks (she was certain it was not months) before they have all the Sig reservations sorted out.

Maybe I should take up yoga - I understand that helps some people ;-)

So did You find out where you are on the list and how many are before you?

@jeroens: She said I was close to the top but she couldn't say if I would make it. I didn't ask for exact details as it won't make any difference in the end as I am (like anyone else still on the list) dependant on a Sig holder deciding to move to a production model (or drop out).
That's why I asked how long I have to be in this state of hopeful anxiety ;-)

hopeful anxiety ;-)

I am P551 and I am also on the socalled sig wait list
but I take it as it comes since you are for sure in front of me I will see what happens and when my car will come
in the worst case sometimes 3 or 4 quater this year

yes, distract yourself with yoga; concentrate on learning to scratch you nose with your knee. Post videos. >8)

typo: your nose ...

any TTB-mail in Belgium ?

Anyone got it confirmed when (March?) TM will send invites to configure and start production of the P-models?

I reccon may-ish for invites to general production

I am now officially S423. Then it is time to wait...

They say that configuration will take place approximately 3 months before delivery. First deliveries for sig in late June/early July, and my call will come sometime in April/May...

congrats to you finally pushed it through

No email, but a few minutes ago the finalize button appeared... (check MyTesla frequently)
NL Sig 412, July/Aug indicated delivery

Same here, DK Sig 410, also July/Aug delivery. Are crossing my fingers for July!

Great news - I got the phone call today telling me I can upgrade.
So I am over the moon and looking forward to a beautiful red Sig :-)

Congrats :)

Got the email!

NL Sig 411, July/Aug indicated delivery

Same delivery window for sig #419.

Finalized this morning and awaiting the documents to sign in my mailbox.

Congrats to expectant Signature owners.

I get comments and reactions about my car from people simply based on the Signature Red color. They stop to admire the color and the car's beauty and I use the opportunity to introduce them to the fact that it is a Tesla and it uses no gas at all. They are even more impressed when hearing about an electric car that performs so spectacularly.

People on the sidewalk have stopped in their tracks, eyes wide and jaw dropped. Sometimes I can read the expletive coming from their lips as they turn to watch the car go by. It makes me giggle.

I was on the Sig waiting list for half a year before I got the exciting news that I would be able to get my Sig. Good luck.

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