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why not downloading the update directly from the tesla website ? and uploading the new version with a usb key?

to simple ?????

More simple than downloading straight to the car over the air? I don't think so.

at least with the website there is no waiting like now

Which service a customer would prefer: vendor delivers the goods to your living room or you go to the vendor's store to pick the goods up? I think the answer is self explanatory.

Opens the door for unauthorized changes to the update.

thank you hnashif that s a good answer. I just have to wait for my update.

I like the idea of downloading on the web, if they include a checksum of some kind.

They should make both options avaliable for update assuming the USB port has access to the operating system for updating. That has to be designed in.

Maybe they don't want anybody reverse engineering the software or any geek owners tinkering with an update before it's installed.

I would trust downloading the entire thing myself versus it taking forever using 3G. It should be a much better process once WiFi gets enabled!! I figure that most update problems might have to do with crappy 3G service that messes up the update process (incomplete, or missing files etc...)

There are many people who overnight their Model S in an underground garage without a cell phone signal. So they have to park on the street when they need to upgrade. A USB transfer would be very useful.

I am investigating whether one of the powerline wifi extenders might reach my garage (28 stories down!):

Linksys PLEK500 Powerline HomePlug AV2 1-Port Gigabit Network Adapter Kit

Anyone tried?

I've never tried, but 28 stories...slim to none...a regular consumer Ethernet cable direct connection wouldn't like that length.

My guess is in a large building like that the electrical doesn't go back to one box like In a house. That by itself would make it not work. The line noise in a big building would reduce bandwidth with a bad signal to noise ratio. I would agree with the comment slim to none but if you have it give it a try.

Re unauthorized changes: that's easy, that is what digital signatures are for.

Regarding the download process... The update gets downloaded when a signal is available. It does not need the signal to install, just to do the download. So the update can install in an underground garage. I am not sure if the download needs to be completed in one complete process or if it can be broken into parts as I am not able to determine that from the information I can find.

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