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We did this with the Roadster. What vanity plates are people ordering for the Model S? My Roadster is IL – FUELESS as a play on all the people that told me I was foolish for buying the car. Haven't picked one for the S yet. Share yours here.

Mine will be GASFREE in Charleston SC.

Got 0 X0ST for my S.

My plate is TSLA EV on a Colorado Carbon Fund plate. Now I just need the car to attach it to...

Buy a smokey ol' beater for the meantime, then transfer!

with bad valves so I get that nice blue smoke? :o)

Of course! Then when the discrepancy is commented on ...

We have GASNOMO on our roadster and just got

TESLA S for the S in Arizona


anyone get it?


It's been 2 weeks since you first posted this one, and nobody has a good guess. You've got to spill the beans sometime!

My Guess:

WiReD aNd Carbon Free 2

Mark K - I was intrigued by the car early on and put down a deposit in June 2009. Then I took the factory tour in 2011, which further piqued my interest. Coincidentally I was vacationing in Napa on the first day of the AMPED UP tour in Fremont, so I reserved a test drive. It was so impressive that I upgraded to the Performance Signature. It's all about the car....... High gas prices and the pain of maintaining an ICE made it an even easier decision. Cannot wait for delivery !!!


Sorry, Jamon. I thought the thread I started was dead.

It's for Wardenclyffe, the name of Tesla' laboratory on Long Island which (coincidentally) some people are trying to renovate to make into a museum.

Tesla really was a genius, the popularizer if not quite the creator of alternating current, etc. Perhaps a better inventor in some ways than Edison, though Tom had a better press agent.

Here's to Nic, then. One weird but smart dude.

rzitrin +1


rzitin very cool. I'm sorry to say I don't know much about Nikola the man, but have heard some strong opinions about how brilliant he was since I've been telling people about the car. I've got to find some good reading material to get up to speed...

You're in for a ride! Free energy from the ether, transmission through ground currents, etc.

Nikola was brilliant, but also nuts. Trick is to sort out the crazy from the brilliance.

"It's amazing how often those two coincide"

Captain Jack Sparrow


But in Tesla's case, you can never be absolutely sure which is which ...

Nik was certainly a nut job. He wound up his last decade living impoverished in a room in the New Yorker Hotel in midwotn Manhattan. His best friend was a pigeon (seriously!) whom he claimed he loved.

Would be a great bio-pic. D. Bowie was a great Tesla in "The Prestige" but I'm hoping it's Daniel Day-Lewis' next role.


VIN 076 is now proudly sporting it's new California license:


Frame reads: THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC (of course)

/Users/chrislafferty/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2013/02/16/20130216-123858/%wwtPSEkRMCP4jOPO5uajw/IMG_1493 - Version 2.jpg

Sorry. That picture obviously didn't post. Can't figure it out. Anybody?

There isn't even a website domain in it. Use the whole URL in this form:
<img src="URL" width="600">

That's a path to an image in his/her iPhoto library on their Mac...

Just reserved "NO MOJUC" in California

Tried "NO PETRO" & "AMP EATR" and several others in California but they were not available. Maybe they will work for someone in another state.

I'm in Californ1a and my is Janas S

Mine is NO PTRL

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