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Washington / Seattle area EV credits and incentives

I know that Washington State has an EV incentive that exempts electric vehicle sales from the state sales tax (6.5%). I'm wondering if different cities have similar incentives or do you still end up paying the remaining sales tax (e.g. 3.0% in Bellevue)? Are there other credits or incentives that people know about, such as for charging infrastructure through Puget Sound Energy, etc?

Even though it doesn't make much sense (other than to try to boost electric car sales and why should the state care about that), I really wish we could use the carpool lane.

It turns out that installation of EV infrastructure is also exempt from sales tax. That includes the purchase and installation of a charger.

Just fill out this form, check the appropriate box in section (2) and give it to your electrician.

Tesla does lobby Olympia. Call Bellevue, and if you would like I can dig up some info on state reps to lobby, and those on our side.

I don't see that incentive linked to above on the WA DoR website here:

I don't see it here on this DoE site either:

However, I do see two programs on the DoE site equipment installation.

Does anyone know more about these or any other incentives out there for installing charging equipment?

I just want to install a NEMA 14-50 in my garage, not any specialized charging equipment per se. (I'm not going with the High Power Wall Connector due to the added expense and the fact that I don't plan to live in my current house for a long time).

Just got my charging setup installed yesterday. Nema 14-50 plug, 50 amp 240 volt circuit. About $500 including installation with Mr. Electric. The form above saved me about $50--thanks!

The charging station infrastructure gets a 30% federal tax credit if installed in the year the car enters service.

We get the Washington state sales tax waived, however do we still have to pay the city & county sales tax?

RAFellows, no city or county sales tax but there is an RTA excise fee ($327 in my case) if it applies in your county. King, Snohomish, and parts of Pierce.

Right, the sales tax is entirely waived, but the RTA tax is part of license and registration- so we have to pay that. (every year!!)

Oh and the state is talking about adding a $100 annual fee for EVs since they pay no gas tax, to pay for roads.

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