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We have begun sourcing parts for your order

Checked into my dashboard today and received a new updated message! VIN 16080 was assigned on June 26 and Dashboard now says "We have begun sourcing parts for your order". Anyone have input on timing from this point to actual delivery? My delivery window is scheduled for July 26 - August 9.

I am hoping this will put it closer to the 26th.

Same here emoflash. Checking the dashboard on a daily base :). I'm even willing to cancel my holiday to receive it sooner :)

Daily? I check it about every 15 minutes! VIN 16492 finalized on 7-8

Are you getting a specific delivery window from someone on the phone at Tesla or from some other part of the website?
All I know is that is an "August" delivery.

Hmmmm, "We have begun sourcing parts for your order" does not sound encouraging. I never saw such a message when my car was being built in Feb for a early March delivery. I also did not see anyone else posting about such a meassage earlier on. It makes me concerned that they have a supply chain problem that may delay your car. I certainly hope I am wrong.

Website was updated last night (down for several hours); I guess they added more status entries for a more detailed report. It might be, that they're back-feeding the correct statuses in time for already delivered cars or need to make another website update to get this smoothed out.

Today I got the "sourcing parts" status, but my delivery window is still "Late July" on the website. The actual dates ares July 28-August 11.

@randyy, that is my exact timeframe as well. I just spoke to somebody at Tesla and they said it does not mean any delay and in fact is good news as it is on its way to production. He told me it says the sourcing parts status because it has now transitioned from the 2 week grace period and everything is on schedule.

My experience is that delivery status is anything but consistent. I can't tell you how many times I have been told that my car was "entering production" only to be told Several times over the following few weeks that it "entering production."

So l wouldn't trust everything that you read or an told

My delivery window was July 18 to Aug 1st and got notified the delivery date is July 23rd.

Once sourcing begins, your car is officially "locked in" to the production schedule.

I got the 'sourcing parts' screen sometime in the last few days and they called me 2 days ago for an Aug 2 delivery to SoCal. Order was confirmed June 27th.


Same as me - my window is 7/18 to 8/1 with a delivery date of 7/23. Where are you picking up and what is your config?

Mine is 60/black/black leather/piano/tech/pano.

I missed my call but got an email stating my car will be delivered to the service center on July 30th! I have to coordinate my information with my sales person and finalize a pick up date. I called back but he was gone for the day. Two more days of waiting before I can finalize everything!

I reserved in May and received in June and already the update status wording has changed. It looks like they've updated the updating again. You folks are the pioneers as far as the new status wordings go. Your DS contacts will be able to shed more light on the actual timing. Anything else is guess work until the current system has been out there longer. Welcome to your month of non-stop forum checking!

I'm in the same boat with status change today. I was also prompted to apply for financing, provide DL #, complete address for accessory delivery (wall charger), appraisal contact for sale of any trade in and contact for Solar City. Also indicated late August delivery. I ordered on July 2nd. P85+/green/black-CF/grey wheels/pano

same "sourcing parts" on my dashboard as of this morning, asked for delivery in beginning of Sep. so no rush for me yet, but this should be a positive sign overall. Was told by the TM local shop it takes about 2 weeks to get the parts ordered from stores/vendors and to allow mfg. to load the config. into their system. Its all about JIT (just in time) and lean manufacturing to keep mfg. cost in control (I hope).

This is also to let the owner know it passed the point of no refund for the res.

I never had this experience with any product I ever ordered in the past. Next would be nice to provide a link with a live feed from the ass. line floor or a pic of the car as it passes the main mfg. steps, like a new born... But then folks will stick to the monitors all day.... :-)

got the same today, my delivery window is 8/2-5.

I picked up my MS85 today. They told me the My Tesla site had been upgraded last night. I enjoyed my 150 mile ride home, set it on charge and checked the site only to get the "sourcing" message. Just a glitch they will resolve.

Mine just went from "We have begun sourcing parts for your order" to blank?

Shopping around, getting quotes on your car's components, lowest bids win? Eek!

Mine is blank now too. I had the "sourcing parts" message about an hour ago.

sign 14982 is blank too;
does it mean that delivery is closer and that the sales representative will take ove?
my delivery is planned end august. and your's?


I am in the same situation as you. Mine just went blank. I am supposed to take delivery at the end of July.

Checking it daily, at the least...
VIN 16425 P85+/Black/Black/Carbon fiber/21" Grey wheels/Pano/Tech/Rear seats
Finalized 7/2/2013
Assuming ballpark delivery 8/7/2013 if other poster's experience applied.
Estimating from finalization to delivery, around calendar 35 days (per a few forum posts)
Would be great if current owners could throw us "forum dweller/chronic MyTesla checkers" more specifics about their actual finalized to delivery timespan...

blank for me as well.

"Sourcing parts" appears to be a pretty generic message. I ordered a floor model, and it says the same thing as custom builds.

Mine is scheduled for delivery on friday.

Mine went from " sourcing" to blank today as well.
Delivery date stil mid August

I've gone blank too.
Makes one wonder what the original message was there for and what it actually meant as well as why the move to blank now.
Oh well, all part of the process I guess. One thing for certain, it does no damage to my enthusiasm and excitement. I'm checking the forums twice a day and the My Tesla page (multiple times a day)for any bones that Tesla can throw me.......

Yep it's blank today. So Tezzla is right in checking every 15 minutes. That way at least it looks like something is happening and so much more fun than seeing "Your order has been confirmed" for weeks/months on end.

Probably working on the status flow and had it incorrectly set to change everyone who was in confirmed status to 'sourcing'. Obviously the fix was pushed out last night.

They will get the status messages sorted out about when we get our cars probably :)

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