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What caused TSLA stock to go up/down today?

Hoping this thread might pick up steam as TSLA stock goes through some amazing intra-day and open/closing swings due to the large short interest (I'm assuming).

For instance: Yesterday the stock dipped really low at closing so I bought. Today it jumped back up and I sold for a healthy profit.

Why did the stock dip yesterday and then rise so much today? I didn't see any news that would justify it.

We are holding on as well. I think this pony has some miles left on it.

I don't know about the rest of you. But I am holding. so far to the best of my knowledge, there's still nothing that can compete with Model S yeah. Infinite on stock positon.

If there's a competitor though, I may re-consider

Unless something bad happens, I'm not even considering selling until after Gen IIIs release. There's just too much potential here for me to ignore.

Getting back up towards its all time high - 109.25 right now.

Closed today at 117.18. All time high.

Continuing to climb after hours...

"TSLA surged to a record high after a Jefferies Group LLC analyst almost doubled her price target for the maker of electric cars and increased estimates of its 2013 deliveries".

Tesla will be replacing Oracle on the Nasdaq 100. Looks like it was announced after the market closed today. That's got to be helpful for the stock price!

Well, it bumped up to close in the $123+ range, and reached a new all-time high over $125. Is that enough 4U?

@Brian H,

Not yet.

@brian h, no not nearly yet. :)

When it enters on 15th it should prompt institutional purchasing. See

Looks like massive profit taking today - get ready to jump (back) in you folks that missed the last rally. Currently (2:30pm ET) down 14.5% at 108.47 and still falling.

That would be me :) Just dumped some apple to get more TSLA

I am about to pick up a bunch of stock. Just going to see if it continues to decline or levels off before I buy.

I don't entirely understand how exactly stocks work, and I was ready to buy some back when it was in the $50s. Wish I would have just pulled the trigger then.

Unfortunately I had bought some at 130 a couple of days ago. Will probably buy more tomorrow though at 109. In 10 years it will be worth much more no matter where we buy right now. At least I hope.... :)

The 25th should be interesting, I'm betting we'll get a very nice bounce. Even so, +1 @rdalcanto, this is definitely a multi-year hold (unless Elon decides to move to Mars)

Today's 15% drop is due to a lot of reasons. Goldman analyst released a report containing 3 scenarios of Tesla's sales to reflect its current share price. Slapped a price target of Tesla @ $84. This report was released at a 'perfect timing' I said perfect bc 1. Tesla rallied to all time high of nearly $130 a share. 2. Market rallied up for 8 consecutive days. 3. No one is sure of Tesla's current sale #s since last quarter. 4. Investors are withdrawing and awaiting for Feds/Bernanke's testimony tomorrow. All this is triggering a domino's affect to cause the 15% drop. Not to mention a whole new wave of short sellers adding on to the float. This stock is now nearly 30% shorted. So there you go.

I have 0 position, but this drop is def a good opportunity for me. Any stock that drop this significantly in 1 day, you can expect some sort of rebound. I may initiate a position at these ranges. Earlier I said 'perfect' timing is bc I'm sure Goldman has some sort of planning behind the report, they may be one of the biggest short sellers of Tesla OR wanting to buy @ low. I've been in the trading market long enough and experienced this type of techniques. These firm slaps a price target downgrade using bear raid and scare people to sell so they can accumulate LOTS of shares prior earnings release date. Thus I never fully believe these analyst reports but my own due diligence. IF CEO holds truth of his words about good sales @ Hong Kong/International, this may be a good sign for earnings. Earnings will justify a bit of the share price. Should it go up or down. I normally invest for good product of the company. Tesla is a good product. But its as important to invest in a good management/CEO.

If sales aren't up as it supposed to, Tesla may need to lower their $ pricing for the vehicle to mass sell this. Currently Tesla's pricing is putting it as a luxury car.

Q2 results are August 7, so we wait...

Tesla's SEC filing disclosed one of the conditions Elon must meet to vest his 5 million shares worth of bonuses is Tesla market cap reaches 43.5 billion (about 350 share price). That should give us a good indication of what Tesla and Elon's goal is as far as stock price is concerned. Do you rather to trust Elon to achieve it or not? I'm holding the stock for the long term.

@Kingtrader - thanks for the info

@Bighorn - crap, appreciate the correction.

Trying to time the market is a mug's game. Good luck.

Got mostly out at 125. Enough to buy me a car! Thanks Elon. Kept enough to get my stake back when price hits 200.

Alot of sheep going to cry when scenario by Kingtrader happens.

well I'm still holding on to my shares bought at 28


Stock up 14% this week. Currently trading at 162. Is there another short squeeze going on?

Yeah, the rebound squeeze, where the hammered previous shorts try to make up their losses! >:D

Hitler's Short Position in $TSLA is Ruined

SamoSam +1

LOL ++++. Love it.


Just watched it again so I could laugh. Hilarious.

SamoSam - that's hilarious!

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