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What do you call several Teslas seen at the same time?

How is everybody referring to Teslas when seen grouped together?

A pack?

A squad?

A flight?


My older son calls it a charge of Teslas.


A charge

I call it progress }BD

A coulomb maybe?

"Coulomb" is good... I like that Vawlkus...

A joule of Teslas?

@mikegre, LOL

Would that be applicable to only a pair of Tesla's?

...when a bunch of Ss are together... I call that "amigos", of course. Sorry, couldn't pass that one up.

I always liked the first suggestion I saw a " Musk"


A coil of Teslas


Good one! :-)

Watts of Teswas.

@Brian H - I was going to go with "charge" but, but yours is the best. Can we all agree on watts? ROTFLOL

a Musk

Too personal IMHO.

Surge maybe?

"Charge of Teslas" ... Love it!

I like Teslacles myself :)

@ cloroxbb, TMI! ;-)

I've always liked a musk.

A field of Teslas.... Magnitude could depend on the density of the Teslas.

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