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What Model S is at the Bellevue Store

I thought I would create a topic that we can reuse as cars are changed out at the Bellevue Square store.

Lance let me know that a Pearl White Beta #113 Model S with tan interior is now at the store as of 8-17-2012. It has what he termed 'Very updated firmware etc...' Be worth checking it out if you haven't seen the latest touch screen software.

Thanks for this, i will stop by!

Do you know which trim is installed? I want to see the gloss wood trim inside a vehicle.

I just got back from the Bellevue store....the Model S has the piano black trim.

Lance today told me there is a special "tesla only" area near the valet by Nordstrom where we can go, plug in for free, and park anytime. This is awesome as the mall is, this time of year, crazy! Also, the standard EV parking is full with a##holes who have ICE cars that park there anyway (icing the spot). Anyone know where this area is? Captain Zap?

I saw the area but it was full of Teslas that were waiting for delivery. It is right by the valet at "The Lodge" parking garage behind PF Changs and near Crate and Barrel, first floor. When I was there it was full of cars waiting for delivery though. It was their overflow from the Seattle Shop.

We need to talk to somebody about ICEing. The last time I was at Bell Square every charger space was taken with no charging going on.

Which brings me to another thought. I have been talking with someone in Olympia that works on the Transportation Committee about BEV carpool lane access and they are wondering if I can drum up some support for that. Do I hear some support? If so, maybe we can start a thread with a factoid that supports the need for BEV's in carpool lanes, i.e. making EV adoption easier because it eases range anxiety (hybrids don't have that issue). Maybe some stats about how carpool access has encouraged EV adoption in California. That would help me get the ball rolling faster.

I wonder who to speak to about making ICEing a violation state-wide though. Any ideas, anybody?

@epley, went to Bel Square on Friday night and grabbed a spot in the Tesla area. Awesome perk as the parking garage was completely full. I left my charging cable at home so I couldn't plug in but I rarely need to with my 85kw. Just having the spot was worth the $90+k! B-).

If you want to charge at the Bell Sq. spot and don't have a cable, call the Bell Sq. Tesla store and they will come down to the Tesla parking area with a cable and adapter.

There was already a cable present when I was last there. Amazing perk when it's available! Thanks, Tesla!

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