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When tesla will be on sale in Russia?

Whether you plan to sell tesla model s in Russia officially?

Are you asking the people on this message board? You do realize we are no affiliated with the company, don't you?
This question has already been asked, and the conclusion was that there are easier markets for Tesla to penetrate at this stage than Russia. There are Model S cars in Moscow already, so you can buy one if you really want one. This is not to say that you won't have to pull some strings or pay extra to ship, get it through customs, and register it etc.
I heard about someone who just bought a 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit in the US and brought it to Moscow. The customs fee alone was $30,000.

"no = not" in the second sentence of my reply. Brian, you're slipping! :)
The clip pretty much goes hand in hand with what I said; no plans for official stores as of yet and the owner paid an insane amount of money getting the car through customs.

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