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Where will your Model S reside?

Tm has this informaton, but I think it would be interesting to develop a snap shot of where Model S' are being sold and will call "home". I'll start:

Signature #84
Vancouver BC

Signature #492 Stockton CA

Signature #703
Bellevue Washington

Hørsholm Denmark

Annapolis, MD
P 1839

Folsom, CA (P #5652)

Williamsburg, VA
P 5119

Silver Spring, MD (P#6000)

Congrats on the round #!

@jcadman22 - Welcome! When did you receive your reservation?

P181 San Diego, CA

Sig #66 Bryne, Norway

P #3552 College Park, MD

Ain't round numbers grand? Next week, #7?


@MichiganModelS - #6000 was reserved on Saturday 11/26 at the Washington, DC show room.

Saint Louis, MO
P #2636

Sig 282 Portland Or

P#3173 - Naperville, IL

We seem to have a good showing from the Chicago area.

P #741
S #718

Monmouth County, New Jersey

AT 1
AU 1
CH 1

CN 10
BC 4
ON 1
QC 5
DE 1
DK 1
IT 1
NL 2
NO 6
UK 1
US 101
AZ 2
CA 22
CO 1
CT 3
DC 1
FL 7
GA 3
HI 1
IL 6
IN 3
KY 1
MA 3
MD 4
MI 3
MN 1
MO 2
NC 4
NH 1
NJ 3
NY 5
OH 1
OK 1
OR 3
PA 5
TN 1
TX 3
VA 2
WA 6
WI 2
WY 1
Grand Total 126



S #559
GP # 3747

Europe P #533

Drammen, Norway

Morgan Hill, CA - P5748


Montara, CA

NorCal -San Francisco Bay Area

I've set up a wiki-map, so you can add your own entries. I'll approve them as they come in.

Please follow the color-coding convention in the legend at the bottom: red=Signature; purple=general Production; light purple=R list

Great idea Robert...

Didn't realize I accidentally put in the wrong number... I'm actually 3703, not 3793. I can't edit on the zeemaps site, I just noticed it when I was looking for myself. Also, I could be more specific, I'm in Chadds Ford, PA, just outside of Philly.

Failed to add my Res# to my original response so: in Corvallis, OR 3807. Just update number don't add me again.

Buffalo Grove, Il sig# 587

Mörschwil, switzerland, signature #7


Shreveport, LA

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