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which insurance company?

I just received my VIN and am expecting delivery in a week or 2. I am wondering what insurance companies everyone is using and what they are paying on average in king county.

I use Safeco. Total for the Tesla alone is about $1200 for one year, $500k/$500k/$100k, $500 deductible. That is about $500 more than what I pay for my other cars, which are much less expensive. All of the added cost is for collision and comprehensive.

try geico

Mine is Allstate, but as of Monday Underwriting hadn't recognized the Model S is not a Roadster, the 4th character of the VIN is an S. For 250k/500k/100k with deductible $500 for collision and $250 for comprehensive. All our insurance is with them. Bill is $575 for just under 6 months. 'Should be lower when they rate it properly.

Thanks guys. It looks like 500-600 per 6 months is about average. I'll post my findings after I've looked into it in case anyone else has a similar question.

I have Pemco, and they are also about $1200 for maxed out coverage.

Thanks for the replies. Are those quotes for 2 adults with full coverage or just 1? I have a spotless driving record and a credit score way north of 800 but I'm having trouble finding quotes that low.

I have Chubb and it's $1100

Mutual of Enumclaw: $350 per 6 months.

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