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Wrapped nose cone

Wanted to change up the shiny black nose. Wrapped entire nose cone except top strip. To me it looks great! Even better in person.
Dave of Rolotch in Anaheim did it. He has worked on a number of Teslas. Recently wrapped a red s with white satin. Pictures looked pretty good. Reasonably priced.

Dave of Rolotech. Correct credit.

There's no pic...

There is a link. Is it not working, or are there no pics, or did I mess it up, or???

Link is not working

He did a good job but to me it makes the car look tacky. Like it should have huge spoiler on the back lmao.


Dagger to the heart.

Sorry but really do not like the look...

Honestly, to me it looks horrible. I'm not the biggest fan of the nose cone but yours REALLY stands out now.

It's your car and as long as you like it who cares what others think.

This is perfect example as to why Tesla made the nose cone black. Don't mess with a good thing!

Bonlaw: Everyone has different taste. But I like it a LOT better than the black monstrosity that mars the front of most Teslas. The black nose cone clashes with most colors and yours has a better color coordinated look. Glad you took the plunge and shared the photos.

I like the black nosecone, I think it is a good contrast with the rest of my car color (red). But I think this is a great opportunity for owners to customize their cars with different colors, grills, graphics, etc.

This nose cone issue is getting interesting. I'm thinking of putting some big bull horns on the front to distract from the "ugly" nc.

I agree - black nosecone...

does the white vinyl match the car color?

For all you haters - It does look far better in real life. In the pic it does kind of look like a toothy grin. Maybe it is its own Tesla Grin.

@Brian H - thanks.. How does one post it directly?

Awhile back I saw pictures of a nosecone covered in black matte. That looked like an improvement over the shiny black depending on car color.

I do like it much better than the shiny black nose cone. Do you have any more pictures in different lighting? Has that shop done any in other colors?

Tiki covered the top half of his in a Carbon Fiber looking wrap.

And Tesslaccessories is working on an aftermarket nosecone mod. So there's hope that someone will be able to figure out how to tame this beast eventually.

@Flyshacker,that may have been my black matte finish nosecose you saw. I think I was the first. To me, it looks much nicer than the original shiny black, maybe it makes it look more like a "traditional" grille that you would see in a "normal" car. Thinking about doing the chrome surround in the black vinyl as well, just to streamline it a little more and chop it up less.

I believe we can all agree that red would make the car look like Rudolph. The wrap comes in all colors including carbon fiber which is pretty cool. I can see satin aluminum or matte or satin silver too. Rolotech also wrapped the front and back "T" in red on a white satin wrap. The pictures of it that he had looked quite good.
It is not a difficult decision. Between remnants and cutting samples and holding them up to nose you can get a pretty good idea. $150 non permanent mod. Have some fun!

@joehuber. I'll try and take more pictures in different lighting.

I like the look and idea of "skins" as an after-market way to change up the look of your car, if you so choose.

I think it would be fun the change the look for holidays, to support sports teams (pro/college), and then return to the original black nose cone when ready.

I think a nose cone painted/wrapped the body color looks much better on the darker colored cars:

Painted Nose Cone - Looks Great (IMO)

I really like the white nose. It looks like the perfect car for a Storm Trooper :-)

Not a hater, but it looks like a sports mouth guard. Not exactly flattering.

I like it.

Not a hater I think because it's white it just looks funky. The green looks good because its not so bright.

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