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Wrapped nose cone

Wanted to change up the shiny black nose. Wrapped entire nose cone except top strip. To me it looks great! Even better in person.
Dave of Rolotch in Anaheim did it. He has worked on a number of Teslas. Recently wrapped a red s with white satin. Pictures looked pretty good. Reasonably priced.

Looks like a mustache. Give it a top hat and you're set.

I think the nose cone looks fine myself, except on black cars.

But instead of color-matching, you could always try a gray nose cone that, surrounded by black paint, will look white; surrounded by a white body, it will appear black. Surrounded by red paint, it might appear a bit green.

Good old color contrast.

bring up the full pic, rt-click and select Copy Image Location. Insert that URL in this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600">

That is not looking good at all. Can you revert back to original?

Sorry to the original poster, but I agree with everyone else. Looks great on the dark colored cars, but the white looks funky.

But hey to each their own. If you like it that's all that matters.

I think it looks nice, but it also looks very inviting to put something else there.

I wonder what it might look like if it were wrapped in body color AND it had the T E S L A lettering in the front as a homage to where it all started:

Something like the above picture, but in the front.

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