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Wraps and details

I was wondering if anyone got their car wrapped or got another type of protective coating for their paint in the Puget Sound area. If so, how do you like it and who did it? Does your paint have the same gloss and brightness? Does anyone have a favorite shop for routine care?

Thanks for any info. I'm especially curious how the Signature Red metallic shows through.

I'm still waiting for my original paint armor from Tesla to be installed...

@Captatain_Zap - I got the factory wrap on my Sig Red and I am 96% happy. Color shows nicely and the only area where I have any complaint (as other have noted) is the partial hood coverage. Once you 'see' the line its always visible.

Just saw that factory armor increased in price by $500! I paid $950 per my MVPA, now the web site shows $1,450. Hmm.

Heard that the film used (don't recall the brand) is now available in wider sheets so aftermarket installs can do the while hood. I plan on getting quotes to re-do my hood for full wrap. Other that that I'm very pleased.

I think the price increase is only if you choose to purchase the paint armor after delivery.

Aha that's probably so.

I heard that the factory was going to change to a full hood coverage. That may have something to do with the price change. I got that was second hand info though.

I wish I had the full hood - the only place I see it is the hood, which is nearly always visible due to rain, and it's a rather harsh line. If they can upgrade me, I'd likely do so.


I rarely come to this forum -- I should, but I spend altogether too much time on the other one.

Anyway, I did get a wrap at Auto Armor NW, I was very pleased. I did it after market because I have a pearl white car and I had heard that the half-hood treatment by TM leaves a visible line. I had full hood, bumpers, front fenders, side mirrors, door edges and I can't remember what else -- I could look it up. I literally can't see it unless I look very close.

They used something called XPel Ultimate. It has a 10 year warranty against cracking, peeling, yellowing, etc., and it is said to have "self healing" properties.

The job wasn't cheap. I think it was around $1800. But I would recommend them.

Thanks for the lead!

I was going to post about this. I'm still upset about it. The paint armor from Tesla is NOT what they have posted on the website. That stuff, which I paid $950 for, would have been great. What they sent to Metropolitan Detail, who did the install, had only front bumper, half hood, and rear view mirrors. I got totally duped by Metropolitan Detail and ended up spending another $2k for full front fenders (not inlcuded in the Tesla kit even though on the website it is), full hood (another $750), and the rest of the Tesla kit. I feel totally ripped off. I haven't seen the job yet--still at Tesla installing the spoiler--and I'm sure I'll be happy to have the car protected, but that $2k was going to go for winter tires which I now can't afford. Just be cautious--don't let them upsell you on anything.

If I had it to do over, I'd be hard pressed to do the armor at all. Buying a car through Tesla was stress-free, but this process felt like dealing with car salesmen...James at the Tesla service center was great, but I still ended up spending $2k more to get not quite the same coverage I thought I was getting based upon the picture on the Tesla site...

Thanks so much for posting that Epley. That is why I was asking around.

Ouch. I guess I'll just try to keep her clean and skip the armor coating.

@Epley, Thanks so much for your honest feedback. We are awaiting delivery and now based on yours and others comments we will do some inqusitive comparison shopping. Enjoy your Model S.

My experience at Auto Armor NW was different. They specifically discouraged me from getting the full wrap, which they said was overkill. Their "Package B" covers front bumper, full hood, full fenders, and side mirrors. That is $1750. Then I bought two upgrades: headlights/foglights, door edges, and door cups for $50, and rear bumper top for $80. I never felt any pressure. They just discussed the pros and cons of covering various areas. I thought they did a great job.

I got my car back yesterday. Still annoyed at how little the Tesla paint armor covered compared with what was posted on the website when I bought. They have changed the website now and have an accurate picture for those just now purchasing. I ended up with full front bumper and fenders, full hood, rear view mirrors and the rear bumper top. Total cost $2,900 (rounding)--$950 for the Tesla kit and $1,900 for the full fenders and hood not included on the kit. Metropolitan Detail did a very nice job--can't tell where the armor is at all. Sounds like a bit more expensive than going with Auto Armor NW, but at least the work was quality.

Got a call from Metropolitan yesterday--just to check in and see how things were going, offer a free hand wash when I'm in Bellevue. I was too quick to judge. Tesla's kit wasn't what I wanted, and Metropolitan might not be the cheapest, but I'm impressed with their work and follow up. Very professional.

Does anyone have a recommendation on what they'd do if they could do it over? I'm trying to decide whether to do the protective coating on a pearl white 85kwh and I can't decide on that or the panoramic roof? It seems that no one is happy with the coating on pearl white? Trying to do the final design today and this forum made me rethink that decision. Thanks!

If you want the pano roof, I'd get that, because you cannot add it later. You can always add a wrap later, and in fact, some think the after-market wrap is preferable. The TM wrap covers only half the hood, and you can see the line, particularly on pearl white. On my pearl white vehicle, the after-market wrap covers the whole hood, so there is no line.

Thanks Epley, DouglasR for posting on this issue, which is one I am currently dealing with as well with my Pearl White MS. The Armoring on my right front quarter panel at delivery was completely coming off and flaring out at the edges along the fender. It looked so bad, that I just peeled it off, and will have Tesla do it over. I am working with James to get that done, hopefully in the near future. It appeared that so many issues I have experienced with this car (3 inch scratch on drivers door, the armor coming off front quarter panel, condensation in right tail light, right door does not close properly) were due to poor quality control in a rush to meet their end of the year delivery quota. I am sure if Eleon had seen my car before onloading to truck for delivery, he would have scrapped my car and had them start over, as I heard happened on seversl signature cars at the front end of the delivery process, even though my car is not a signature version.

I was not clear what the armoring entailed until I read this thread. I agree with Epley's thoughts on the partial armor of the hood, which leaves a distinct line and collects dirt, which only accentuates the line even more after driving in the rain. I will have to have my hood done over to get complete coverage. If I had known before odering that it would look like this, I would have skipped the armoring and had it done by another vendor later.

I am pleased with my full hood, front fenders and front bumper. I'd definitely go pano roof first--I love the roof, and everyone who sees it oohs and aahs. It's spectacular.


I had the entire front wrapped at Metropolitan. It turned out great. Wish I could wrap the entire car. Great service.

I've had my signature s for 2 weeks. It's pearl white and has the half wrap on the hood. Already looks awful - a dirty line where I guess it's sticky or something. Can't imagine who decided to do it this way as it detracts from the car. I can see bubbles in some places too so am not happy with it. Having read this, I guess I'll need to get it redone with a full hood although I'm worried the pearl white will change to pearl yellow anyway. Maybe I should get a full matte black wrap and be done with it!

Did you buy your Signature Model S used or are they still delivering Canadian Signatures?

I'd get it re-done with a full clear wrap or nothing at all. It would be a shame to cover up the pearl.

My opnion, skip the Tesla paint armor and get a full wrap with the X-pel ulitmate! I had my pearl white S done by Metropolitan Detail in Bellevue. Beautiful job, they are perfectionists. If possible I think it looks deeper and richer than when it was bare. Kinda pricey, but worth the investment after putting as much up for the car as we did. The self healing ability of the film is amazing! I'm no longer anxious about micro scratches from washing the car, and would even consider a black car now, which I would never have before. David, you are to blame... Thank you. I'm thinking I should put in a hot water pressure washer to clean the car and erase the scratches at the same time...


I'm also getting a full wrap at Metropilitan detail this week.

Am planning to call Metropolitan for an estimate for details on a full wrap this week. For those of you who've had it done, how long did the process take?

Mine ended up taking a full week. They did initially say that it could be as short as four or five days, but they also warned me it could take a week. I guess it depends on what other stuff they have going on. They have a limited number of free loaners available, so you can ask for that when you schedule your service.

ricko, if you come to the Tesla meetup next Sunday (it's free), you can sign up with Metropolitan Detail to get a wrap witha group discount.

Details are here:

and check Francis's post on the second page for additional details as well.

Hey everyone. I picked up my Model S last night!

And after driving it three miles, I dropped it off at Metropolitan for a full front and rear bumper wrap.

I just keep telling myself that I "really" get the car later this week!!

@geoff2013. What was the cost?

The quote was $2400...and also included the four door edges as well.

I have a Black Model S and don't have the time to wash myself or to take it for a handwash. I'm leaning towards Metropolitan to do the full wrap as it's the swirl marks that bother me most. The quote is $7500 - how does that compare to the other xpel vendors in the area? Would love some advice on this....thanks. 10 year warranty - two free waxes a year, no chips / swirls.......

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