J1772 Mobile Connector for Roadster

Velocità di ricarica per un'autonomia di 90 km all'ora alla massima potenza

The J1772 Mobile Connector is a bridge between the Roadster’s charge port and SAE J1772 style charging stations. Based on the Current and Voltage of the charging station, the J1772 Mobile Connector can recharge your Roadster at a rate of 56 miles range per hour at max power.


One end features a J1772 connector for plugging into the charging station cord. The opposite end plugs into the Roadster charge port.

  • Corrente massima: 70 A
  • Voltage: 110-240V, Single phase
  • Potenza massima: 16,8 kW
  • Cord Length: 4 ft

J1772 Mobile Connector Charge Times

The J1772 charging station power supply will determine your charge time. Please note, the majority of J1772 connectors only allow for a 30A draw.


Portata interruttore
automatico (Amps)
Tempo di ricarica
approssimato (ore)
90 70 4
80 64 4.2
70 56 4.7
60 48 5
50 40 6
40 32 7.5
30 24 10

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