Gilroy Supercharger Expansion!!

Passed through Gilroy today and noticed the new construction. Looks like the expansion to at least 8 charging bays. Huge trench next to the existing Superchargers.

Hmmm...big trench....could it be for battery swapping? Swapping happens under the car and either requires a trench or a ramp. Gilroy would make a lot of sense for swapping as it s the busiest SC and would really test the willingness to 'pay for fast charging' that Elon talked about during t he swap demo.

Someone grab a picture!

Praise St Elon!

I checked out Gilroy this morning... the trench goes all the way to the end of the row, so it could be that Elon goes bold here. I didn't see any work started on the support boxes yet.

Wow... Elon answers my prayers faster than God


How deep was the trench; could it hold a robot for swapping?

Thanks to rgong for keeping his eyes peeled.

They are still doing strange things at Hawthorne but nothing like you described. They've pulled out the grass and concrete block and have replaced with large concrete slabs with pebbles between.

No sign of swap but tons of views of the rockets :-)

3 feet wide 5-6 feet deep - nothing indicated swapping.

If you look at Google maps there are 18 parking spaces on the row... with bold I mean there could be more then 12 SC stalls in the end. With Gilroy so critical I would doubt Elon would aim for a small expansion.

IMO first swapping station at Gilroy wouldn't make sense, the first you want to have close to your engineering support so you can debug it fast and that would mean the factory or Hawthorne.

Spoke to the foreman on the construction site this morning at the Gilroy SC station. He said 6 stalls are
being added for a total of 10 charging stations. Work is due to be complete in 2 weeks.

150% addition.

I think retailers see the writing on the walls. Allow Tesla to put in charging ($250K in infrastructure) which doesn't compete with any retailer and makes the customer feel rich (since they aren't paying $60-$75 to fill up a tank. Unless you drive a Suburban and then you spend $150.)

Wow that is fast. I was there last weekend and no sign of any work.

For the retailers it pays... I was there today net 5kWh charged = $0.50 saved and picked up a sandwhich at Eric's for $7.60.
Trench looked much longer then 6 bays, but maybe they already put in the conduit in for future upgrades. All depends the power feed they can get now. 10 bays should soften any wait...

Foremen always say '2 weeks'. : )

Anyway I was told first they are checking to see what's under there and if possible 6 to 10 units. Most likely 6.
I didn't ask timeframe for completion - just glad to see it being taken care of.
Kudos to Tesla for quick response to an obvious problem. (quick - taking into account any permitting)

Will be fun to see the parking fiasco on Black Friday. Tesla owners might want to cut the ICE's some slack and be ready with a back up plan on that day.

Took pics of the construction today - not confident on how to post here.
A long trench parallel to the road and close to the curb about 2 ft deep.
At each end there is a deeper hole - at one end is a square approx 10 - 12 ft width and about 1 - 2 ft deep (for now)
Other end is a square hole about 6 ft in width and about 4 ft deep.

I would guess these are not for batt replacement. But not sure what. The larger one may be for a concrete pad to hold transformer(s). Couldn't tell where connection to outside world will be.

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Progress since I was there... the trench is partially back filled and the boxes are new - the small probably for the transformer and the bigger for the chargers. Makes sense to have it as a second seperate installation so the current isn't disrupted.


And because I have an extra 60 bucks in my wallet I can afford to shop with the half hour free time I have!

Since we are ICE free, I treat the stores and hotels with supercharging and EV charging preferentially. It's good for the merchant.


Thanks for the pictures. I am impressed! It will be nice to have the capacity needed at Gilroy.


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And here they are:

That's not a swapping station.

To give you an idea what a swapping station MIGHT look like, you need a lifting mechanism about 7 feet by 3 feet for the battery. It needs a shuffle mechanism that can take the old battery off the lift, and deposit the new battery on the lift. That needs to be down in the trench as well and that doubles the space requirement. Because the system will need service, assume it's tall enough to allow a man access. It's also going to require a sturdy footing and slab. So assume an excavation something like 12 feet long by 10 feet wide by 9 feet deep. Because it's a hole in the ground, it needs a sump, and because it's for autos, it needs a water separation and treatment system fro the sump. Then it needs a really heavy duty power supply for the battery charging.

Next, consider the storage for racks on racks of batteries coming in and going out. At a minimum, you're talking about a building about the size of a 4 car garage with racks and an automated conveyor. All of that needs to be plumbed with electrical and coolant lines in order to charge and store.

Then you need some kind of point of sale system for the transactions and you need to figure out how you handle people that come in with a beat down 5 year old 60 battery, and they leave with a brand new 85 battery. That transaction could be worth close to 10 grand.

Last, you need office space and a repair bay. This system while automated, will not repair itself should it jam, run into cooling and electrical connection issues, or a have a driver jump the track and drive over the pit. Someone is going to need to watch it, even if it's only to keep an eye on the humans.

What you might expect to see if one of these does go up, is a facility the size of an Oil Can Henry, Jiffy Lube, or whatever flavor of rapid oil change garages you have in your area. A good sized building with a large pit. Because of the size, I would not expect to see them in parking lots at shopping and dining areas. If one goes up, expect it to be more the size of a small McDonalds, for comparison.

Cost for the land, building, automation, and battery float will be in the millions. Cost for a swap will be high. On par with a full tank of gas, but you swap regardless of how much power you have in your battery. You decide to swap based on your next swap or destination. Say you have a half "tank", and you need to swap to get to your destination. But you pay for a full "tank" because you swapped. It's analogous to a gas station owner saying your car takes 70 dollars in gas. Therefore, every time you come in, you will now be charged 70 bucks. Even if you just come in for a quarter tank, it's still 70 bucks.

Or you can supercharge for free.

Swapping ties Tesla to a specific battery chemistry and form factor. That won't work with Gen III which will have a different sized pack. Electrons though are the common denominator. The plug will prevail.

The reasons above are why some of us don't expect to ever see swapping rolled out on any scale.

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Photos... photos... photos... I love watching the progress!! True with any of the supercharging sites! They are so far away for many of us, the photos really are greatly appreciated. I have been to several of the finished supercharging stations however, with construction all over the country, there is just no better way to share the construction progress as they move along. Many thanks!

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