Model S iPhone App available now

I know the Android app was available a few days ago. I just searched again on the iPhone app store and found the Tesla Model S App. You sign in with the same email and password as this website and it automatically links to your car. The menu includes Home, Controls, Charge, Climate, and Location across the bottom of the screen.

Home - shows current status, can sign in and out there.

Controls - vent roof, lock, unlock, honk horn, flash lights

Charge - switch from standard to max range, start and stop charging

Climate - shows current interior temp, turn climate on and off

Location - map view of the car location, direction to get to the car (goes to Maps app)

Thumbs up so far!

Worked great when I first tried it, now I get a "Contacting car...May take a few minutes" and the spinning wheel. It's been 5 minutes and it is still not connecting with the car.

Using my iPhone with wi-fi enabled.

Just re-booted the phone, now it works.

Thanks DouglasR.

Anyone noticed a big battery drain on their iPhones after launching the app, when it is in the background? Haven't confirmed it yet but I suspect it might be a little badly behaved...

The app runs GPS (at least if you have that enabled on Android, don't know about iPhone), so while it is running it will draw a lot more current. If I turn off GPS, I don't see any unusual drain, so I don't think it is anything beyond that, though it does get updates on the car every few seconds so it will keep your phone from sleeping.

@mkh1437 - it is still beta, I am sure they will make an announcement when it is out of beta.

I'm just trying to think outside of the box, but couldn't you use Bluestacks and a macro recorder to do the timed charging? This one let's you schedule when your macro runs, but I've never used it.


Dear Tesla,

Could someone please turn on the remote access from the car so I can keep tabs on it's location as it travels across country?


Love the App. Thanks for posting about it, or I wouldn't have known.

loving it.

DR +1
Smart. I was thinking something along those lines, but that's it in a nutshell. You can even do it from bed if you like to retire early! And of course set a suitable low charging rate so it's rarin' to go in the a.m. when you hit the road.

I think, btw, that's also the key to changing the charging rate mid-stream. Stop the charging, and then restart with a new rate.

The surprise was accessing the app while driving. The gearing, speed, compass direction, written location and of course the range is displayed in real time. The map changes in real time as well. Couldn't help think about a guest account that would allow location viewing without accessing the locks, horns, etc. This would allow someone at home to monitor the drivers location without interfering with the driving experience.

Can t find the App in the UK, nor the car!



Same here, I can only dial the temperature up but not down.
The down arrow for climate control is not working.

I'm still getting the message "Contacting car...this may take a few minutes" with a spinning circle but it never connects. I've tried from both my iPhone and iPad. I can connect only about 20 percent of the time.

kevjo, How is AT&T service in your location? That is what my trouble is. Since I know the weak spots for cell coverage I have noticed that is exactly where I cannot contact the car is when it is in those areas.

I am working on getting the 240V outlet installed in my garage. I am considering adding a 240v separate timer between the garage and outlet to allow me to select start and stop times for the charging. So, might as well look at taking this to the next geek level by making sure the 240v/40 amp time is iOS enabled. Anyone know were we can find a iPhone capable 240v timer?

Yes, the Tesla app is one way, but since we are considering separate timers anyway, might as well look at it being enabled on the 240v timer too, huh?

@akikiki - 240V, 40A, iPhone enabled timer? Maybe, if you want to build one yourself. Drop $1000+ there might be one out there. Timers that will handle 40A are "industrial grade". Near impossible to find a residential timer that will handle that current.

It doesn't allow you to start the car, right? With the vulnerability of websites, I'd hate to have my car hacked/stolen because someone hacks this site. It sounds like the worse they can do is unlock your doors (and steal everything inside). There should be a more secure way of pairing the app with the car than just a username and password.

There must be a database on TM's servers that associate the VINs to the corresponding fob RFID codes, so if they get hacked we're all SOL anyway. The VINs are visible through the windshield and RFID emulator devices surely exist.

DNA latching via blood sample?

No, that's tech for encoding files in tiny amounts of DNA -- very stable as long as it's kept "cold, dry, and dark". (If it gets warm, wet, and illuminated it grows into ravening monsters! Or rots.)

I guess what I'm saying is that the password some people use for discussion forums isn't super strong, not like ones they use for bank accounts. When I signed up here, I didn't expect the username password combination could be used to steal me car. I guess we'll see how it goes.

@theresa and @jaq1:
Both the interior temperature and the climate control setting show up on the iphone app.

This is so cool. People are going to get annoyed with me for honking the horn remotely...

List of add ons to the app (from previous post), plus a new one or two:
1) Notification in the app if the car alarm is triggered, and the ability to silence the alarm from the app.
2) Ability to manage the charge rate (change the amps).
3) Ability to turn on seat warmers in addition to the HVAC.
4) Notification in the app of pending firmware updates and the ability to schedule them via the app
5) Ability to view the rear camera via the app (might come in handy if the alarm is triggered, or if your car is being towed).
6) Ability to open/close the trunk.
7) Ability to access Homelink and open or close the garage door remotely
8) Ability to "read" any error messages like tire pressure.
9) Automated message when charging is complete.
10) Ability to reserve charging time at a Tesla charging station.

Does honking the horn and flashing the lights work while the car is in motion, or just while its parked?

One note - this sucker eats battery life on an iPhone 5. Other than that and the wrong wheels showing up, it is amazing!!

Plazman | February 5, 2013 new

I guess what I'm saying is that the password some people use for discussion forums isn't super strong, not like ones they use for bank accounts. When I signed up here, I didn't expect the username password combination could be used to steal me car. I guess we'll see how it goes.

I see what you mean, especially since the usernames are plastered all over this forum. This also relates to the general "Why didn't TM make a formal announcement about the mobile app?" comments. If they had, then they could have included some verbiage about increasing our login password strength, general security tips, etc.

I think we should be required to enter the last 6 digits our our phone serial or IMEI number into the My Tesla page so the app is locked to only work on the phone we designate (I assume an app can read this stuff from your phone). If our phone is stolen we should be allowed to change this so the old app becomes nonfunctional.

We'd need this type of security especially if all of the fob's features were eventually included in the mobile app, which is what I'd prefer.

The car was purposely left in the driveway last night. This morning when i was leaving for work, the heater to run from the app before entering the shower. my car was clean of the white stuff by the time i was ready to set out. The big Tesla grin almost destroyed my mouth as i slid the tail sideways a few degrees exiting the driveway in about an inch of the white stuff. It is almost the end of this work day and I am still grinning. Yeah! GO TESLA!

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