Model S is engineered from the ground up as an electric car.
Through meticulous and innovative engineering, Tesla created a drive experience
to surpass any that have come before it. By designing a
slim-line battery pack positioned below the floor and combining the
motor and power electronics into a compact module between
the rear wheels, the Tesla engineering team
developed a car that truly integrates
Tesla’s proven powertrain.
The innovative integration
is the key to exploiting
the advantages of an
electric car and
creates new
opportunities in
safety and
performance while
maximizing interior


The Tesla-designed advanced suspension system works in harmony with the rigid, lightweight body structure.


Tesla has poured its learning from the Roadster’s ground-breaking electric powertrain technology into Model S.


Tesla's energy dense batteries achieve unprecedented driving ranges. But they're more than a source of power.

Body Structure

Underneath a car's lines and curves, its structure endows a vehicle with character and strength.


The streamlined Model S is a product of unprecedented teamwork between designers and aerodynamicists.

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