Aftermarket wheels

I have narrowed my wheel choice down to two options. Finally found a couple I think will look good on the car and suit my taste. I'm sure a lot of others won't like either

But my question is, do I have to order more TPS sensors from Tesla for the new wheels?

Tire Rack sells the TPMS sensors, so I assume any tire place would as well, since it's their stock and trade.

ahhh so they are not some exclusive ones you have to get from Tesla? One wheel place said I did and they are $500

$97 each for 433MHz Tire Pressure Sensor

I bought Rial Lugano from TireRack with their TPMS sensors for $~400/set of 4. They work fine on my MS. And I love the machined gun metal on my Dolphin Grey MS.

@AndyO - Another option for 19s... these TST aftermarket wheels also have the turbine look and already fit factory lug nuts, center caps, and tpms:

I also bought the gun metal grey 19" Rial Lugano rims from tire rack. I reused the TPMS sensors from the stock 19" Tesla rims. That works also. The rims were just over $1K including shipping plus $200 to have them installed at Americas Tire. Be advised that Tesla service centers will not install aftermarket wheels on your car.

I plan to keep my stock wheels. Actually may use them 50% of the time. I have a pretty far commute to work so thinking of only putting the 22s on every now and then. I know it sounds crazy but that's the plan.

Yea, that does sound kind of crazy. ;o) Anyway, you can move the TPMS sensors between your two sets of rims, you don't need to buy a second set, at least I didn't.

I have the 19" TST turbines in grey that a near match (one shade lighter) than my grey 21" OEM turbines. The Rials are very nice but I prefer the TST's. It's just a matter of personal taste. You can't go wrong with either one. The TPMS's are $97 from tire rack as opposed to $125 from Tesla. The TPMS's from American Tire are not compatable with the MS. You can either buy new TPMS's & center caps or use the ones that you have. Again, there is no right or wrong answer.

@2050project | JULY 26, 2014:

"Another option for 19s... these TST aftermarket wheels also have the turbine look and already fit factory lug nuts, center caps, and tpms:"

Do you have anything to report on the performance of these wheels/tires?
- Handling?
- Wear?
- Mileage per kWh?

Ron :)

@Grinnin' - saw them in-person at the TMC Connect event (they definitely look sharp) but any handling and wear performance testing noted appears to be the "SAE J2530" tab reports posted at the link I posted above (it's the last tab). In the "Specs" tab it appears they are are about the same weight (possibly a little lighter) as the factory wheels so I'm assuming the mileage per kWh is probably pretty very close.

It looks like these TSTs and the Rials are the two "go-to" aftermarket wheels for that turbine look on 19s.

I have the Rial Gun Metals and I think they look great. I do not like the TST grey.

I went with a 5 tire package from TIre Rack which included 5 Rial rims, 5 Bridgestone summer tires, road hazard warranty, and 5 TPMS for $2800. The TPMS from Tire Rack work fine as I found out recently. I was about to get in my car the other day and I noticed the left rear looked soft. Sure enough pressure was 25lbs. I pumped it up to 40 and took it to my local tire shop. They found a small leak, plugged it and everything seemed fine. The next morning after driving around for about 30 minutes, I got a tire pressure low warning. Got out of the car, all looked fine. However, when I got home, the tire that was plugged was down to 30lbs. I went back with my spare tire and rim this time and just had them swap it out. Also got a rotation as the rears were down to 6/32nds after 4k miles and the fronts were still at 9/32. No uneven wear, just lots of fine driving on summer tires.

Meant to say fun driving, but it was fine driving too.

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