Tesla Motors Secret Master Plan (Just between you and me)

I mentioned the Tesla Motors Secret Master Plan to a Model S owner recently and they had never heard of it. I realized that many of you have come upon Tesla long after this blog post from August 2006. It's lays out the plan we're on and as such I think it is still relevant. We're about half way there. Enjoy.

PS You'll notice that actual prices turned out higher than originally hoped for.

But even the pricing is pretty close - base 85kWh is today $80k... Taking inflation into account ( assume 8%) then the 2006 price would be around $50k.. roughly half of the $90k Roadster in 2006.

Thanks for the article! Fun to re-read after all these years.

8% inflation? Total, maybe, but not per annum.

Mean inflation between Jan 2006 and Jan 2013 seems to have been about 2.5%. That makes $80k counting backwards about $67340. Cheaper than $90k Roadster, but not quite half.

Nothing in that statement says the 85kWh version would be half. Considering inflation, the 40kWh version is certainly less than half of the Roadster.

Was referring to Kleist message.

I am pretty sure the $50k price mark was always ment as a starting price. It was always told in combination with a 300 range, so I guess in that respect Tesla is no different from other OEM's.

The $50k price was always net of tax breaks, so it was really $57,500.

The long range, low-performance edition is $70k, so if Timo tracked inflation correctly, the original estimate's pretty solid.


Brian - I said assume...

2006 average US gas price was $2.50, YE 2012 = 3.80 ==> 7-8% per year
my 2005 car cost me 24K, same car but cheaper build in 2012 34k ==> 6-7% per year

Official inflation is heavily tilted to keep inflation indexed government obligations down. Yes, consumer electronics got a lot cheaper, but that is not true for cars...

Point was - Elon wasn't too much off on his price plan either.

GoTeslaChicago - thanks for putting the master plan up again.
I've heard it verbally before, but I didn't know that is was in writing in 2006. Also what I didn't know that the original plan specifically included SolarCity.

Overall Tesla executed the plan exactly and I think in addition we got some nice extras not mentioned in the master plan.
- performance model S
- model X
- super chargers

"Long range, low performance" is a Tesla oxymoron!

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