What would you trade your Model S for?

What would you trade your Model S for?
Here are the rules:
1. You cannot say another Tesla past, present, or future.
2. You cannot say any of Elon Musk's companies or stocks (Tesla, Solar City, Space X,) past, present, or future.
3. It has to be a real product that can be purchased today
4. The value of it cannot exceed the price you paid for your Model S
Disregard this one :) 5. The answer cannot be "nothing"

Updated Rules;
OK, I'll ease up on the game a bit.
5. If the answer is nothing, then write your explanation.

50k of TSLA stock, 50K or SCTY stock and a used BMW for driving until I'm allowed to buy a tesla again....

You'd have to pry my P85 out of my hands - no way would I trade it for ANYTHING.

If Ihad to keep and service a car for 100,000 miles to make this trade, their is nothing, including Aston Martin , Rolls, Bently or Ferrari that I would trade for. I used to spend hours on EBay searching for a used Bently Azure. I don't do that any more.

A few days after I got my Model S, I realized that I was now in possession of the only car on the market that I would care to have. If someone offered to trade me a Bugatti Veyron or Maybach for my Model S, I'd say no (assuming I couldn't just turn around and sell it and buy a bunch of Model S). It was an awesome feeling thinking that for once in my life, I now owned the car I would buy if money was no object (again assuming I could just have one - I wouldn't mind a Bugatti taking up the second spot in my garage).

So, my answer is:
Your game sucks! I'm not playing!
[kicks over some toys and leaves sulking with hands in pockets]

I'd like to politely point out I'm the only one following the rules here :)

Hey, I know this game is unfair. It's a loaded question that we owners already know but I thought everyone else should get a feel for.

So far the only answer that is acceptable is KOL2000's. I thought about that after I already posted. I forgot to include;

5. You cannot say any of Elon Musk's companies or stocks (Tesla, Solar City, Space X,) past, present, or future.

The point is well taken. This is a miserable game because the MS is so special. Any other car you could say ok I'll trade the Ferrari for a maclaren or corvette for mustang or BMW for Audi, etc.


EXACTLY! This game sucks.

[kicks over some more toys and runs to mommy crying about the mean man trying to take away his model s]

If I didn't own a house before purchasing the Model S, then I would trade for a 110,000 down payment on a house.

Why would anyone trade the dream EV for anything else? There's no substitution or competition in the same space.

Are you asking if any of the OCD Tesla owners to revert to smog producing machines? Given the rules of the game, not a fat chance in h@ll...

How much would you pay to cure mid life crisis (real or perceived)?

The knowledge to truly understand women. Oh wait, that's impossible, so I would swap it for something much easier and cheaper, The British Crown Jewels.

The Millennium Falcon....

i would trade it for a porsche panamera turbo
if both cars cost the same
i think the panamera turbo is the best 4 door car in the market.... bar none.

mercedes SLS AMG EV

Wouldn't trade for a Ferrari or anything else, unless I was allowed to sell it and buy my car back (or a P85+).

1 Brammo electric motorcycle

1 zipcar/car2go membership

10 plane tickets to take the place of my long driving road trips I am planning

I would only trade for ONE YEAR.

Then I get my Model S back.

@SamoSam +1

A house, nicer than mine but "I would only trade for ONE YEAR.

Then I get my Model S back."

I would give up my S for 1 year to reserve a free ride to Mars with SpaceX. Round trip preferred :)

LOL, that would be priceless!
Broken Rule 4: How many British Crown Jewels can you possibly get in trade?

Broken Rule 3: It has to be a real product. Unless you meant the Star Wars spacecraft movie prop.

Broken Rule 4: The panamera turbo base price is $175k.

Broken Rule 4: The MB SLS EV is $550k. You'd have to trade 5 Model S's for it :)

Broken Rule 4: The if you can sell it and buy a Model S then it definitely costs more.

There's no car more desirable even at twice the price.

I would trade for 3 cheese burgers, a large order of fries, chocolate shake, a used economy car and put the remainder on number 24 on the first crap table I saw...

Nope, not even for that!

I would trade for an ocean-view house within walking distance of my work, a C-1 (see for longer drives, and plane tickets for longer trips.

For how long? Eternity?

I would trade my Model S for a job within walking distance of my house that pays more than my current job and the cash to spend on paying for said house that's within walking distance of said job...

BUT, I'd probably still be drooling over it and making plans to buy one next year...

SamoSam & GLO,
Rule 1: no trade backs

Broke rule 3: That's not really available, is it? Sign me up if it is. I'd need to get back to earth though. Preferably un-aged and still alive :)

Not according to "the king", but I completely agree. Even the panamera at twice the price doesn't interest me either.

Wow, all in huh? That's a heck of a gamble. Sure would be fun for that minute before the ball stops though!

Broke rules 3 & 4. You rebel. Where are you going to find an ocean view house for the price of your Model S? The C-1 is not available for purchase yet.

There is no time duration for the trade. You can do whatever with what you trade for. The trade can't be of greater value. You can't trade back like some have tried (after a year).

Cool plans but you can't buy a new one later. (rule 1)

Yeah, why can't the answer be nothing? I mean really, if there was something I could trade my Model S for, and it's value can't exceed the Model S, then I would have chose that thing instead of the Model S.

To be honest, with the rules you set up, it's not that it's unfair, it just doesn't really make any sense.

It's like asking a kid to go into a toy store and pick out any single item for $100 or less, then as soon as he/she leaves the store, you ask, "Now what if you could trade it for any other thing in the same store for $100 or less?" Well of course he/she wouldn't really want anything else. He/she already got to pick exactly what he/she wanted the first time.

Ok, well since I don't have mine yet, I'll go by the rules and tell you what I would trade to have it NOW:

My current car (already to be sacrificed), my family room flatscreen TV, my entire slush fund, all of my non weight-bearing left toes and the upper pole of my right kidney.

(and yes, for rule number three, all of these products would be available on the market for my brand-new P85 ;)


I'm kinda attached to my toes, but I agree on the rest.

@Henry - I didn't mention that my left toes are all wonky from one too many fractures.


Not fair. The OP should add a rule for NO MANGLED BODY PARTS IN TRADE.

Besides, what's the going market rate for wonky toes, anyway?

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