Evenement batterij vervangen


Model S is zo ontworpen dat u uw batterij snel kunt wissen. Wissel uw batterij om voor een volledig opgeladen batterij in minder dan de helft van de tijd dan het kost om uw benzinetank te vullen. Dit biedt Model S chauffeurs een andere, nog snellere optie bij het opladen tijdens het rijden van lange afstanden.




If developed a culture "where people can lend and swap batteries of each other" it can work smoothly. I think Tesla needs at least 5% market place to make it happen.


Any idea yet of the price of a battery swap?


This is a great step in the right direction. Replacement battery packs are definitely the way to go.

I question the use of a designated robot specifically for Teslas as not being a sound business model as the cost of installing these all over the world will be astronomical.

An off the self robot like a Fanuc would seem to make more a lot more sense.

A redesign, if possible, of battery location to allow for a more economical service centre using mass produced robots, would be in the best interests of the business and the industry as a whole. Yet if this could become the standard for all electric cars then it's a winner.

Still, it's incredibly sexy ! Nice work.