Accidental finding to me, Design by Tesla!

Hi my fellow MS owners, recently I was trying to fish out a metallic pen that fell under my seat and saw what looked like a pouch at the front of my seat and surely it was. There I could tuck away but still within reach, my insurance card copy, a few business cards etc. Tesla never seizes to amaze me. And for anyone still having air leaks in the pano roof at high speeds, I am in line to get that annoying issue fixed by Tesla in 1wk, complete change of one the seals up there they said, is the antidote!
I hope you all find the pouch useful.

This is a known one- a kangaroo pouch! Means model s is a female!

Yep. Keep my "charge" cards in them. I believe that they are only available with the leather seats.

I keep me gold in me pouch.

Tie me kangaroo down, sport.

Nice! I didn't know it existed! That gives me a place to store my wallet, cash, pen, toothpicks, etc. which currently fight with my sunglasses for space under the computer monitor.

Male seahorses have a pouch, too, so there's no guarantee that your Model S is a girl. ;-)

They showed that to everyone at the Dallas, TX test drives last August. It is where they kept the fob during the test drives so it was in the car no matter which Tesla employee rode along.

@t3sla; har +1

Is this pouch on all models?
I can't find it!!

Only with leather seats, I believe. All leather cars have it.

Toothpicks, sepscially toothpicks, can have a better place to put them, lol.

It's flat so you have to feel for it, not sure if it comes in non-leather, mine is leather. @elguapo and @KevinE believe it's only in the leather seats but I don't know for sure!

From 2012:

Other posts confirm pouch is not tied to tech package, but to leather (vs. cloth) seats at least since 2012 vintage and end-of-2012 price increase and seat option reconfiguration.

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