Adaptive Cruice Control / Distronic

Is there an option for Adaptive cruise controll now?
I see the cruise controll is now with the extra ring for adjusting the distanse.
This is like I have in my Mercedes, called Distronic Plus.

adaptive cruise control is not yet included in the tech pack
and there are no news about it
but you are right the picture shows some evidence it might come

Check out the thread where it appears to be the consensus, currently, that this is actually an old picture, not a new picture.

I hope it will be avalible by the time I get my car. (Late summer I hope, EU#1137)
It works great in my current car.
It is a "must have" in stop and go traffic.
When the Distronic stops the car, and the traffic is moving again, it is just to pull the CC lever, and the car is moving again.

you are right I have a Mercedes too and its very comfortable
to use only TM did not take this feature together with the other Mercedes parts

@Alex K
This is currently in Design Studio.

@P85_Norway | FEBRUARY 16, 2013: @Alex K This is currently in Design Studio.

Yes. My point is that it has been in design studio for quite some time (not new). Also, my actual, delivered car in the design studio shows this and other "features", but the actual car that I'm driving does not have these features.

I do agree with you that something like Distronic or Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is quite useful. I have this in my other cars and it's sorely missed in the Tesla.

Probably a question for TM.
Does this mean: we can not trust the pictures in Design Studio?

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@Brian H
Thanks for info.

I had it in my 2003 VW Phaeton, 10 years ago. Can Tesla offer it, now?
I did not find it very usefull, even when you can adjust the distance of breaking. Human is still smarter and can start slowing down without breaks. Breaking is about only choice for adaptive cruise, it does not coast. Meaning more fuel consumption.

The Model S never breaks. It sometimes brakes, in emergencies or below 5 mph, though.

I'd expect the Model S can apply any % of accel or regen or braking, including 0 of each, under computer control.

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